Gross Gus's Pimple Pop

I’ve never met Alice and Diane, but if I did I’d cautiously hug them.  I’d hug them because they’ve been so very kind to purchase sodas for me to review just on the knowledge that I enjoy doing so.  I’d hug them cautiously because even though they seem to be kind ladies they always present me with an “interesting” soda to try.  Take today’s soda for example.  I’m about to drink a soda called Pimple Pop by Gross Gus and somewhere Alice and Diane are laughing at me.  That’s ok; it’s the best kind of soda… free.  Now of course Pimple Pop isn’t puss flavored soda, it’s marshmallow.  Why does a marshmallow soda need to exist?  Let’s find out together shall we, but before that one thing.  I know of zero people that pronounce it marshMALLOW.  Everyone I know says marshMELLO.  How do you pronounce it and where are you from?  Send your answers to the Nickelodeon Studios and you could win a trip to Orlando, Florida!

Hnnnggg, that’s a sweet smelling soda.  I mean it’s a sugar sweetened soda, but jeez.  Marshmallow essence (chemicals) have certainly been liquefied and poured into this bottle.  Going by smell alone I’m not really sure if I’m ready to experience this.  Curse you Alice and Diane.  Curse you and your kindness.

Twist is dismayed by what's before him

Twist is dismayed by what's before him

Surprise!  I don’t particularly like liquid chemical marshmallows.  In other news, Gross Gus (an Indian Wells Brewing Co. brand) makes a fairly realistic marshmallow soda.  The carbonation is at the proper level to keep this soda from being too syrupy while allowing to it to bite the back of your throat.  Truthfully, this could be confused as a cream soda that just went a bit heavy on the cream and then decided to pour nonsense into the ingredient vat.  One aspect I did not expect to find is the “diet” taste that greets me at the beginning of each sip.  I assume that’s a result of the ingredients used. 

An almost fuzzy curtain of syrup sits within all the crevasses of my teeth after my mouth is empty of soda.  It is now in my best interest to take another sip just to remove this feeling from my mouth.  Sadly this takes me on the same ride I just got off.  Take a sip, diet taste, marshmallow cream, fuzzy teeth.  Sip, diet, cream, teeth. Sidicreeth.  I want off, now.  I don’t like Gross Gus’s Pimple Pop .  It doesn’t taste horribly, but it’s certainly not good either.  At the beginning of this review I would have said “buy a bottle”, but the flavor wears on itself in a detrimental fashion thus lowering its overall quality.

Verdict – Buyer Beware