Nawgan Lemonade

I’ve had energy drinks, sleepy time drinks, “sexual prowess” drinks, and many other life style beverages.  The folks at ThirstMonger have sent me an “alertness beverage” to try.  That’s a first.  Now I know you’re probably thinking that an alertness beverage is just a fancy name for an energy drink and you’re right, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it called as such, and I approve.  The name of the alertness beverage is Nawgan and its flavor is Lemonade.  The Nawgan logo is a brain which leads me to believe that Nawgan is just a fancy spelling of noggin.  You know, like the Nick Jr. successor.  Nawgan has zero calories, vitamins B and E, and a host of chemicals that will hopefully make this taste like a delicious glass of lemonade.  Let’s find out together shall we?

This can of Nawgan has the most satisfying “CRACK” open noise I’ve ever heard.  Good lord that was loud and made me want to instantly start chugging it.  Lemons jumped out of this newly created hole and punched me in the nose.  The scent is strong.  There I said it two different ways.  I’m rather excited to try this now.  I find it odd how a sound that has nothing to do with the flavor excites me to what the drink might taste like. 

Twist completed the brain maze in only 2 hours.

Nawgan is non-carbonated and for being zero calories, has a pretty good lemon taste to it.  The initial sip does have a bit of a chemical feel, but it’s quickly washed away by the somewhat sweet lemon flavoring.  By itself Nawgan could fool you into thinking it is indeed lemonade.  If you were to compare it side by side with the real deal you’d probably find the real thing to be a bit stronger.  It has a very light mouth feel, but a noticeable lemon aftertaste that I don’t mind experiencing again and again.  Nawgan lemonade is a really easy drink to chug, which I would expect is something that you would want to do if you needed to get that jolt of energy as quickly as possible. 

WHAT?!  I just looked on the can and this has Stevia in it?!  I never would have guessed.  Great job covering up the aftertaste that usually leaves.  Wow, stevia done right.  It happens so infrequently.

For being a lemonade “alertness beverage”, Nawgan does a great job.  It’s easy to drink, the flavor is enjoyable, and I could see myself purchasing multiples of this.  It’s not going to replace lemonade, but at this point I’m pretty sure nothing is.  Nawgan Lemonade is one of the tastier energy drinks by far.

Verdict – Buy a Pack


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