Faygo Vanilla Creme

It’s late at night and I want to get a review done before bed, but I don’t want to drink anything that’ll keep me up too late.  So I reach into the fridge and let my hand pick out a beverage for me.  My hand apparently wants to stay up late.  I’ll give you the proper amount of time to make any dirty joke you like.  Done being immature?  Let’s move on.  So my hand picked out the super sugary beverage known as cream soda.  To be more specific it picked out a Faygo Vanilla Crème, which is just Faygo Cream Soda.  Faygo is something that was introduced to me much later in life… meaning this year.  I’m finding out that the classic look of the bottle ramps up my expectations of the soda.  Then after trying said Faygo soda my expectations become grounded and much closer to reality.  Let’s see if Faygo Vanilla Crème can keep my head in the clouds.

A very pungent vanilla aroma lurches out of the crystal clear bottle.  Speaking of clear, this is the clearest cream soda I’ve seen to date.  It looks like a bottle of water which kind of excites me for my soda drinking experience.  Perhaps my memory of Crystal Pepsi is clouding my judgment, but anytime I see a clear beverage that’s not normally clear I freak out a little bit… in a good way.

Crystal Twist was on the market for a hot second, but a law suit was immediately filed.

Wow, that is quite nice.  The extra carbonation surprised me at first, but since it was chased with a very smooth, very vanilla cream soda afterwards the contradicting mouth feels worked well together.  Ooh, I really like this.  My statement about Faygo letting me down does not apply to Faygo Vanilla Crème.  There is a sweetness you’d expect with a cream soda here, but it really pushes the boundary of too sweet.  The only way I dock points for the sweetness of Faygo Vanilla Crème is if it builds on itself in such a way that I can’t stand to drink it anymore.  Honestly though I think the burst of carbonation I experience at the beginning of each sip keeps the sugar from taking my tongue hostage.  Vanilla flavor lingers in all the crevasses of my mouth, but it’s not a negative sensation at all.  It is a little syrupy, but vanilla cream is one of those flavors that’s hard to keep crisp.

I’m about halfway done with the bottle and the flavor hasn’t really built upon itself that much.  This allows me to experience each sip I take much like it was my first.  Sure some of the initial magic is gone, but each sip is a pleasant one.  Well done Faygo, I doff my cap to you.  You’ve made a great cream soda with a sugar sweetener.  Yes the sweetness builds a little, but I think we’ll live.  This will probably get lower than you think it should by reading the review, but all in all it’s just a great cream soda.   Cream sodas have a hard time standing out in front of other sodas because they all taste so very similar to one another.  Don’t get me wrong though, this is one of the better ones, it’s just not a mind blowingly awesome soda.

Verdict – Buy a Pack