PJ's Crystal Beach Sparkling Loganberry

Anyone out there have any sort of idea of what a loganberry is?  I certainly don’t.  Thirstmonger sent me a bottle, of what looks to be a delicious, loganberry soda.  I didn’t really feel like doing any research on what loganberries are, thankfully the label sensed this and told me.  Apparently the loganberry was discovered in the 1880’s and is a cross between a red raspberry and a blackberry.  Zero things sound bad about that, so obviously I’m excited about trying this sugar sweetened beverage.  As an added bonus this bottle of (I guess including the name would be helpful) PJ’s Crystal Beach Sparkling Loganberry soda has a decent amount of Vitamin A, B6, B12, and E.  A quick glance over the ingredients also teaches me that actual loganberry juice is used in the making of this beverage as well.  Well color me intrigued.

The red raspberry is the dominating scent, although you can tell its sweetness is muted a little bit by the blackberry.  Frankly, Crystal Beach Sparkling Loganberry smells delightful and reminds me of a tasty sno-cone/snow cone/sno ball/shaved ice.

Crystal Beach Sparkling Loganberry is so effervescent that it’s still fizzing in the back of my throat and I love it.  The flavor isn’t quite as tart as I thought it would be.  Sweet seems to be the defining characteristic of the loganberry.  Granted this is a loganberry with 42 grams of sugar in it so I’m sure the taste is altered just a bit.  All the same, the fruity taste of red raspberry with hints of grape and blackberry has coated my mouth in an enjoyable curtain of flavor.  Remember when I said it smelled like a sno-cone?  I really hope you do because even the slowest readers should have read that sentence two minutes ago at most.  Crystal Beach Sparkling Loganberry tastes like sno-cone soda.  It’s like they took the juice at the bottom of a sno-cone and carbonated it to a fun level.  Like I said, this is quite the sweet soda so it may not be for everyone.  I would place this soda in the “treat” category instead of the “enjoy with food” category. 

Now of course there is some critique that must be present with the praise.  In the case of Crystal Beach Sparkling Loganberry we’ve already touched on one potential negative for some of you, the sweetness.  I won’t be addressing that any further.  The other issue I have is that the taste is a bit muddled.  “A loganberry is a muddle red raspberry and blackberry” you say?  Why yes it is, but this flavor does not seem to be made by nature.  A berry is crisp and tart which is what Crystal Beach Sparkling Loganberry is missing.  If this beverage were tart in the slightest I’d drink it until I died, but instead of being perfect it’s merely tasty.  See, it’s not that bad of a problem.  It just kept it from being outstanding.

All in all, Crystal Beach Sparkling Loganberry is a very fun soda to drink.  The variety in the fruit flavor, the insane carbonation, and the delicious coating it leaves in your mouth are all things you should be looking forward to if you try it.

Verdict – Buy a Pack


This beverage was provided to us by Thirstmonger.com

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