Mr. Q. Cumber

I’ve never liked cucumbers unless they’d been modified to the point of pickles.  Recently (within the year) I got the chance to try a cucumber soda and I really enjoyed it.  I can’t remember the name, but it wasn’t nearly as delightful as Mr. Q. Cumber.  See what they did there?  Other than put this soda in an adorable bottle they gave it an adorable name.  Mr. Q. Cumber soda is an all natural sparkling cucumber beverage.  The ingredients are rather adorable as well:  Sparkling filtered water, cane sugar, citric acid, and natural cucumber flavor.  That’s it.  Water, sugar, citric acid (a natural preservative) and cucumber.  How can you beat that?  Now here is where we find out if did me a solid by sending me this adorable bottle.

As it should, Mr. Q. Cumber smells exactly like a cucumber.  There isn’t a sugary mask that makes this seem like the drink will be cucumber candy.  It holds the aroma of a freshly cut cucumber… a word I’m getting tired of typing.  Now I see why it’s called M. Q. Cumber, they became annoyed with the word cucumber as well.  This very accurate scent frightens my taste buds a little bit as they think they’ll be eating an icky pre-pickle.  Oh well, 7 ounces isn’t too much to handle.

Haha.  The drink literally made me laugh out loud, or LLOL for those wanting to refresh their 90’s internet abbreviations.  Immediately my mouth is struck with the cucumber taste that I shouldn’t like, but I do.  If I were to let this just sit in my mouth it seems like the cucumber taste would never vanish.  Yet, as soon as I continue the ingestion process my mouth is filled with large fizzy bubbles that wash away the majority of the taste and leave a refreshing coolness in their wake.  I genuinely like this soda.  It’s simple, but works on many different levels.  With four ingredients they’ve turned a flavor I normally don’t like into a very interesting soda that I’d happily buy multiples of.  The smaller 7 ounce size is perfect as well.  I’m not sure I’d want a full 12 ounces of this, but 7 ounces makes you wish you had 12.  It uses the Far Side/Calvin and Hobbes logic of going out while you’re on top.  Make them want more without giving them more, that way they’re less likely to tire of you.  I don’t understand why I like this soda when it clearly shares the taste of a vegetable I do not like.  Folks always say that cucumbers are refreshing.  While I don’t agree with that statement I will say that Mr. Q. Cumber is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

Verdict – Buy a Pallet


If you want to drink your vegetables without all the silly nutrients check out

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