Rocket Fizz Watermelon

Ok, so remember that entire week where I didn’t post a single review?  Forget it.  This week is a new week and at the very least you’re going to get a review about a watermelon flavored soda by Rocket Fizz.  As we all know (and if you don’t just fake it) Rocket Fizz is the soda that features fun flavors and is sweetened by cane sugar.  Another globally known fact is that I don’t like watermelon, but usually enjoy watermelon flavored items.  I’m not really sure how this concept works in the real world, but it does.  In case you forgot due to lack of reviews, here’s the part where I tell you it’s time to open this bottle and get to drinking.

If the pink coloring of the soda wasn’t enough to show me it’s supposed to taste like watermelon, the aroma certainly did.  Since I don’t particularly like the taste of watermelon, this beverage smells kind of gross to me.  Again, I’m not exactly sure why I tend to enjoy watermelon-esque things, especially when their scents are often off-putting.  Perhaps there is some kind of magic at work here.  Here’s to watermagicon!

Nope.  I’m not fond of this.  The taste is somewhat accurate as my memory reaches back as far as it can to pull up the file labeled “watermelon taste”.  Best I can tell though, this tastes more like a candy watermelon than the actual fruit.  So technically it’s a watermelon flavored soda that tastes like a watermelon flavored candy that tastes like watermelon.  I’m thinking my brain is just outright rejecting this idea entirely.  Each sip I take begins with a hopeful thought which is quickly run over by an overly sweet, syrupy, watermelon wave.  The carbonation can’t even save it as my brain can’t concentrate on the bubbles due to the disgusting flavor.  I’m going to stop the review here.  It’s a little premature, but you don’t need to listen to me berate a beverage because it’s based on a flavor I normally don’t like.  I don’t like watermelon and this soda tastes enough like it that I don’t like the soda.  If you like watermelon (a word I’ve now typed a ridiculous number of times) then maybe you’ll like Rocket Fizz Watermelon, or maybe you’ll think it’s too sweet… because it is.

Verdict – Buyer Beware


Rocket Fizz Watermelon580.JPG

Twist is just happy it's not the devil's fruit known as cantaloupe