Sprecher Puma Kola

Anytime I see a bottle of Sprecher in my fridge I know that at some point in my life I made a good decision.  Sprecher never disappoints even when I don’t particularly like the flavor.  Every product I’ve had of their reeks of trying to make a great soda, so I can tell you I’m very excited to review Sprecher Puma Kola.  Adorning the label is an adorable black puma that seems to be guarding kola nuts and cinnamon.  I don’t see either of these items in the ingredients, unless it falls under “natural flavors, but I’m not concerned as the Sprecher track record is a good one.  There are a range of sweeteners in Puma Kola, from glucose syrup to raw honey.  Honestly I’m just ready to crack open the bottle.

The powerful scent of cola punches me square in the nose.  This is a good start to what is hopefully a top notch beverage.  After the initial sock to the olfactory glands the aroma seems content to just occasionally poke at me.  Let’s “poke back” shall we.  By “poke back” I meant drink, but the analogy didn’t work… move on, nothing to see here.

 What amazes me is the lasting power of the cola taste that the very first sip of Puma Kola has left me with.  The flavor is one of the richest cola tastes I’ve had in a soda and it has me wanting more within seconds of finishing a gulp.  The carbonation level is lower than most cola.  It seems that before it was put into the bottle someone yelled at it and told it to stay out of the way of the general drinking experience.  Carbonation being stubborn mostly listened to them, but still shows you it’s part of the show.  While the kola nut and cinnamon are not officially listed in the ingredients, I’m definitely getting tastes that remind me of each.  The kola nut is the stronger willed of the two tastes while the cinnamon acts as the trees.  Melded with these two flavors is a creaminess that I don’t find that often in cola.  It’s not so creamy that I’d call it a cream soda of any sorts; it’s just different and gives a wonderfully relaxing mouth-feel to the soda.  The only negative I can see in Puma Kola is that the flavor might be a bit rich for some, perhaps a little too sweet as a sugary sensation holds on to all parts of my mouth as I review.

As I reach the end of each sip there is a slight burn that presides when the all of the tastes, carbonation, mouth-feel, and creaminess of Puma Kola join as one.  I liken it to the feeling you get when the favorite character in a play comes out and bows as the crowds cheering grows in comparison to what the other actors on stage had received.  You weren’t able to show your adulation throughout the performance, but now it’s ok to let loose and really show them how you feel.  That is the last few seconds of Puma Kola before it vanishes down my gullet.   Bravo!

Verdict – Buy a Pallet


Sprecher Puma Kola580.JPG

Even Twist is in awwwww of the adorable puma