Flathead Lake Sour Cherry

I’ve made it no mystery that I enjoy sour beverages.  What a terrible mystery that would be. If it was an Encyclopedia Brown book you’d throw it away at the big reveal.  “Turns out Aaron LIKES sour sodas!”… aaaaand in the trash.  Of course something can be so sour it’s hard to enjoy, but for the most part I enjoy most sour sodas, or at least the idea behind them.  Flathead Lake Sour Cherry is what sits in my cup holder at the moment and I’m about to take a dive into it, mouth first.  The color is a delightful dark red, almost maroon, which gives my eyes a hint of what’s to come.  A look at the ingredients shows that I’m about to ingest a bunch of chemicals and “natural flavors”.  Well then, there’s no time like the present to ingest some chemicals!

A rich, cherry sno-cone syrup-esque (double hyphenated word, nice) aroma reaches out of the bottle and socks me in the nose.  Chemicals or not, I’m now a bit more excited to give this soda a chug.

Oh, that’s right.  Flathead Lake soda is seems to always be a little more watery than you’d expect.  Fortunately for Sour Cherry it’s not so watery that I’m going to deduct points, it just took me off guard.  As for the “sour” portion of sour cherry… it’s noticeable, but your cheeks aren’t going to pucker at all.  It’s certainly discernible from your standard cherry soda though.  The bubbles are tight and few in number, yet strong enough to be a part of the drinking experience with every sip.  Sadly there is a bit of a syrup curtain that falls at the end of each act.  This curtain has a pleasant taste, but overstays its welcome with each lowering.  While an encore wouldn’t be a terrible thing, I’d really just prefer if this soda ended on the sour sensation it leaves at the tip of my tongue.  Ah well, someone get Sandman to pull ‘em off stage and we won’t have that problem anymore.  Didn’t think you’d find a Showtime at the Apollo reference in a soda review?  You must be new to the site.  Welcome!

All in all Flathead Lake Sour Cherry is a tasty soda, but nothing to write to Mom about.  Granted I just did write to my mom about it because she reads the site, but I digress.

Verdict – Buy a Pack


Flathead Lake Sour Cherry580.JPG

Twist has been mistaken as the Flathead Lake Monster for years.  He's not it though as he's much, much older.