The fine folks in charge of the energy drink Sync were kind enough to send me some samples of their product.  The letter that came with it wanted me to tell you how it affected me in terms of energy and a few other items like that.  Our primary goal is to make sure you’re trying tasty sodas; we have little interest in if they “do their job”.  I’m not sure who I was quoting then, it just kind of happened.  So while Sync may turn me into a god among men, if it doesn’t taste great then it won’t be rated as such.

Sync refers to itself (on the label that is) as “Harmony in a Can”.  That’s a pretty bold claim, but it doesn’t stop there.  At the top of the can I see that by drinking it I will “Enlighten Your Tate Buds”.   Alright so now I’ve been told two things it will do for me.  At the bottom of the can I’m left with one more sentence, “Vitalizes the body and mind”.  This one is my favorite of the three because they could have used revitalizes, but didn’t.  You so rarely see anyone use the term “vitalize” and I was happy to see it here.  Good for you Sync… let’s check out the ingredients label.  Oh… wait…one more sentence.  “Sync Energy Drink is the ultimate drink that vitalizes both the mind and body.”  The use of “vitalize” impresses me less upon a second viewing.  I really hope down the line when Sync is a bit more established their next batch of labels has half the sentences on it hyping their beverage. 

Ingredients wise Sync has some B6, B12, Pantothenic Acid, and 27 grams of sugar which is in the form of HFCS.  The odd one to me is how much sodium is in this can.  200mg of sodium or 8% of your daily value seems like a lot.  Let’s see how much Coke has in it for a baseline.  Coke has 35mg of sodium and a Reed’s Ginger Brew has 5mg.  I’m being unfair… let’s see how much sodium a Red Bull has in it.  200mg, ok I learned something today.  It’s normal for energy drinks to have more sodium than your typical soda.  Look at you Sync, teaching me stuff.  Perhaps I’ll be blown away by the taste, but first you know what we must do.  Smell time.

It smells of grapefruit with a dash of bubble gum.  SON OF A… I found another sentence!  “Sync Improves performance and boosts the body’s energy during times of stress and strain.  Sync increases endurance, concentration, improves reaction time and stimulates metabolism.”  As I was saying, Sync’s scent is primarily citrus, but there is a sugary something lurking in the background.  Taste time.

I will say that it has an unusual taste that is primarily citrus like the scent told me it would be.  The carbonation level is strong, but mostly composed of tiny bubbles that rush over my teeth and gums.  There is a slight bubble gum flavor as seems common with most energy drinks that appears with each sip and eventually dissipates into the “citrus” flavor.  Oddly enough this beverage feels kind of heavy in my mouth.  I’m not sure if it’s the HFCS or the chemicals, but a “curtain” of “citrus” sits on my teeth, tongue, and hangs from the roof of my mouth.  I’m not really fond of the mouth-feel I’m getting from Sync. 

Since the label art includes a leaf I would have been much more impressed if this were an all-natural energy drink.  As far as I can see it’s fairly standard in regards to ingredients and flavor.  That’s not to say that it tastes badly, in fact I’d probably pick up a Sync before I would a Red Bull.  The taste is just different enough that I prefer it to the leading brand.  So they have that going for them.  In the world of soda though there are several better tastes out there.  With that said I did finish my can and YES I do feel more energized… there it did it’s “job”.  If you’re given the chance to choose between Sync and another energy drink I suggest giving it a try.  If you want a delicious soda well then click here instead.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


This Beverage Supplied to us by BidEuphoria


Twist drank all the samples even the one in the kitchen.  He drank it all even the kitchen SYNC!  HAR HAR HAR.  sorry.