Sprecher Red Apple

I don’t know if there has been a bottle of Sprecher’s soda that I wasn’t excited to see.  Imagine my mind exploding as I found a bottle of Seasonal Sprecher Red Apple Soda for my taste buds to enjoy.  Sprecher makes some of the most flavorful sodas around and should be given a chance by all.  This particular flavor is sweetened with Glucose Syrup.  Is it made with corn?  We’ll never know, but we also can’t rule out a variety of other starches as well.  The crow on the label seems to be tempting me with two and three quarter’s worth of apples.  Where did that final quarter go?  Perhaps it disappeared in the making of this soda as it does have actual apple juice in the ingredients.  Smell time.

Well the smell test is back.  It’s good news, Sir.  You’ve tested positive for apple.  Sprecher Red Apple has the aroma of… get this… apple.  There’s a hint of “not apple” waving off in the distance, but it might as well not be there.  It’s the dust on the camera lens that most people look past.  Taste time.

The initial taste of Sprecher Red apple is bursting with red apple flavor.  There is also the noticeable sweetness of honey greeting every aspect of my mouth.  The carbonation is fun and almost could be described as fluffy.  Large foamy bubbles roll over my back teeth inviting them all to partake in the amazing party that’s about to be had.  Then you have to ment…

Nothing.  The drink ends prematurely.  All of the fun that you and your mouth were having ends abruptly.  It’s like someone broke into your house and stole your TV.  You can still see on the wall where the TV clearly was, but it’s not there anymore.  Where is the finish to this drink?  I want more of this beverage!  That’s why there’s three quarters of an apple on the label, because it’s three quarters of a soda.  So much is going right with the flavor, sweetness, fizz combination only to have it stop.  Now the positive side to this is that I wouldn’t be complaining if it were a bad beverage; I’d be thanking my lucky stars.  Sadly(?) this is a delicious apple filled treat and it’s ripped away from you all too soon.  You could have had a perfect score Sprecher Red Apple, but instead you’re just merely excellent.

Verdict – Buy a Pallet


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