C&C Cola

I finish off my run with C&C by reviewing their flagship soda, C&C Cola.  Will it taste like Coke, Pepsi, RC Cola, or will it be a different animal all together?  The red label makes me think they want to draw comparisons to Coke, but honestly there’s only one way to find out.  My cat keeps knocking the pens off my desk and it’s getting a bit distracting so bear with me as I take a plunge into the world of cola.

The hiss of the bottle opening distracts my cat long enough to forget the pen she was currently pawing to its death.  A familiar scent, much like RC Cola, reaches my nostrils just as she gets her attention back long enough to finish off the foolish writing implement that thought it could thwart her.  Coke red label with an RC scent?  I’m intrigued and the cat has ventured off into another part of the house never to be seen again… for a few hours.

C&C Cola is a good strong cola that gives the inside of my cheeks a bit of burn with my first swig.  It has the mouth feel of Coke with the taste of RC, a wise combination in my opinion.  The cola flavor is powerful, but not overly so as I’m not going into any coughing fits each time I take a sip.  Carbonation levels are good, keeping my mind from even associating this beverage with the word flat.  Is C&C Cola a game changer by any means?  No, it’s not, but I can tell some care was put into this soda as it’s one of their better entries into the non-alcoholic carbonated flavored beverage field.  I honestly don’t feel like I need to write much more about it.  It’s a simple cola that gets the job done as well as (or better than in some cases, I’m looking at you Pepsi) any mainstream brand I’ve come across.

 So that ends my 24 soda run with C&C, and I must thank them for their generosity.  I’m happy I reviewed C&C Cola last as it left me with a good taste in my mouth.  Was that pun intended or just a fluke?  You’ll never know.

 Verdict – Buy a Pack!


This beverage supplied to us by C&C

C&C Cola580.jpg

Twist says it was intended.  He's right, it was.