Positive Energy Orange Juice

Remember a while back when Mountain, sorry, MTN Dew tried their hand in the breakfast drink market with Kickstart?  It all seemed rather forced, but then again I don’t work for Drink Co. and think of multi-million dollar ideas.  Why are you trying to make a new breakfast beverage when the ones we have work so well.  If you want to wake us up just add caffeine to what we already drink for breakfast.  Segue.  Positive Energy is the beverage ThirstMonger sent to me today and guess what it is, orange juice with caffeine.  They also make a cranberry juice cocktail version, but I’ve been told that the OJ is the bees knees so it’s the one being reviewed. 

Positive Energy Orange Juice is not made from concentrate, has no sugar added, and uses green coffee bean caffeine.  I don’t really care what kind of caffeine they use, but green coffee bean caffeine is by far the most fun to say.  Looking at the back I see that this little bottle has the same amount of wake up juice (why isn’t this called Wake Up Juice?) that your morning cup of coffee has.  Positive Energy OJ has been visited by the vitamin fairy as well with giftings of vitamins A, B, and C.  Now the task will be simple.  Can you put all of this in orange juice and still have it be tasty?  I just finished my bowl of Grape Nut Flakes (TheCerealJerks.net give it "Buy a Bowl") and I’m ready to be swept away citrusly.

Can't you see how wired Twist is?

Wow, they fill this bottle to the tippity top.  Guess what it smells like?  If you guessed orange juice you’re probably too far away for me to give you anything with minimal effort, but you’d be right. 

Well that’s pretty dang tasty.  It’d have been pretty amazing if someone could mess up OJ, but this is honestly good on the OJ spectrum as well.  A lot of orange juice has an almost caustic feel, but Positive Energy Orange Juice goes down smooth compared to its brethren.  Being orange juice this occasionally touches both the sweet and bitter spectrum of flavor.  The initial sensation I get is indeed bitter, but this is mostly broken up by the savory side of the orange a few seconds into each sip.  With that said there is a consistent bitter taste to Positive Energy.  While you might think this would keep me from enjoying this beverage, as bitter tastes have in the past, it’s not strong enough to even make me consider stopping.  I’m not addicted to it by any means, but it’s a delightful beverage.  Positive Energy Orange Juice is doing right (with a much smaller budget I’m sure) what MTN Dew did so very wrong.  Positive Energy took a flavor we already like and added a little “boost” to it without compromising the flavor much if at all.  Great concept, great delivery.  With that said it’s still orange juice so I’m not going to go crazy with the ranking.

Verdict – Buy a Pack


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