Body Works Relax

I don’t normally review “shot” type beverages, but hey when you’re supplied a “shot” type beverage you review it.  That’s exactly what ThirstMonger sent my way this week; a series of tiny bottles for various situations of life.  The brand is Body Works and the drinks have titles like Energy, Wellness, and Sleep with ingredients that promote each.  I picked Relax since I didn’t want a boost of energy and didn’t want to go to sleep.  We all want to relax, right?  The first thing I notice is that this label is flavor free.  Sure the color is primarily purple, but nowhere on here can I find a flavor.  Perhaps in the ingredients will prove more helpful. 

Twist says Relax

Ok, I’m about drink some filtered water, citric acid, natural flavors, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, and sucralose.  Well at least I know that the flavor in the bottle is “natural”.  According to the bottle I’m supposed to drink then when I’m “Feeling Overworked.  Feeling tension.  A need to unwind.  Stress.  Anytime you need to relax”.  As I said before, I just picked this because I don’t need to fall asleep and I don’t care to be jumping off the walls.  Oh, and the purple color made me hope this was berry flavored.  Let’s find out, shall we?

Out of the mouth of this tiny bottle the scent of berries appears.  There’s a citrus scent lurking behind the front line berries, but I’m not sure how pungent they will be in the ensuing battle for taste.

Ok, so the immediate flavor that I experience is a very tart, berry explosion that I kind of enjoy.  Less than a second after that the berry taste gets shoved into the mud by a bitter, chalky, coffee flavor that decided my drink experience needed to be ruined.  I’m aware that people don’t drink “shot” type beverages for the flavor, but guess what I do for a “living”.  I review beverages based on the “flavor” and this one isn’t great.  I’ve already completed the tiny bottle even though I was trying to nurse it as slowly as possible.  Each sip was the exact same experience, drink it, enjoy the berry burst, watch as the bitter, chalky, coffee flavor takes over, and then sigh because you’re about to take another sip.  Will Body Works Relax make me relax?  Probably so, but it didn’t make me want to drink more of it. 

You know how you’ll see quotes promoting things you personally don’t think are all that great.  Ever notice how they have ellipses before them or no punctuation at all?  It’s just a series of words that the company grabbed from an article that helps make them look good.  This next sentence is the one that the company would use. Body Works Relax is the best tasting “shot” type beverage I’ve had to date.  With that said, I’ve had three and the other two were awful.  Body Works Relax isn’t awful, but I’m not going to classify it as good either.

Verdict – Buyer Beware


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