Golazo Mango-Lime

Twist knew that snake and he's ok with the outcome

So the folks at ThirstMonger have filled my fridge once again with their drink of the week.  This week’s brand is Golazo which labels itself as an “ALL NATURAL SPORTS HYDRATION DRINK”.  They’re awfully fond of capital letters at Golazo, but who can blame them.  Since it’s a sports drink I’m sure it’ll be chock full of hard to pronounce “natural ingredients”.  Let’s take a look, shall we?  Ok, color me wrong.  Here are the ingredients for Golazo Mango-Lime:  Water, Cane Sugar, Coconut Water Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, and Salt.  I’m impressed and now even more curious about the Mango-Lime flavor I chose.  Lemon-Lime was another beverage I could have reviewed by Golazo, but that flavor is so very common in the sports drink world I figured I’d give the odd duck of Mango-Lime a try.  Hopefully this risk will pay off. 

A stronger than expected aroma escapes the wide mouth bottle.  True to its listed flavor the scent is easily identified as both mango and citrus.  Once again I’ve doubted Golazo and once again they’ve proven me foolish for doubting them.  Why would I even begin to doubt a beverage whose label clearly states that it’s “born to score”?  Interesting use of lowercase letters here, yet another surprise. 

The mango/lime combination is definitely unusual, but nothing that would be described as off putting.  The initial sip can be described as a light mango flavored water, which is quite refreshing.  When the lime shows up to the party it brings a little bit of a bitter taste with it, but I suppose that’s to be expected when you partner sweet with sour.  Through the majority of the experience my mouth is pleased with the overall feel of Golazo Mango-Lime.  It’s promised to be a refreshing beverage and it delivers that promise in spades.  I am wishing I’d tried the Lemon-Lime version now as I bet it’d be one of the better ones on the market.  The ingredient list of this was amazing, the flavor is enjoyable, and the mouth feel follows suite.  So what is wrong with Golazo Mango-Lime?  Well, going back to the bitter taste the lime seems to bring.  That bitter taste, albeit small, interrupts the overall flow of the beverage for me.  It’s like driving down the highway and every five miles you hit a speed bump.  You’re still going to get to your destination, but the trip isn’t going to be as pleasurable because of it. 

Even though I’m not sold on this particular flavor I will tell you that Golazo has made me excited to try other flavors by them and that’s saying something.  They did too many good things with this “ALL NATURAL SPORTS HYDRATION DRINK” for me to ignore.  Good thing I have another flavor chilling in my fridge.

Verdict – Buy a Botttle


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