Jeff's Chocolate Soda

So our washing machine started leaking a little bit last week and it was time to put the old biddy down.  It wasn’t a serious leak as the drain pan easily contained all of the water, but we’d had trouble before with this machine and the repair gnomes wouldn’t touch it because of how poorly it was made.  Fast forward to today where the new fancy machine was delivered.  It was all shiny and great and I couldn’t wait to test it out.  After I put my clothes in it I stood back and looked through the glass top marveling at a washing machine doing its job.  Satisfied I step away to play some Minecraft.  Twenty minutes later I hear a noise that sounds like a lot of water hitting the floor.  I run in and find out that as amazing of a washing machine as it is it does no good if the owner of said washing machine doesn’t put the drain tube down the drain.  Long story short, always bring a towel… and maybe a bucket. 

This has nothing to do with Jeff’s Chocolate Soda, but I don’t have a diary or a journal so this occasionally becomes my place to vent.  I picked this beverage out of my fridge for two reasons.  Reason one is that chocolate soda has a decent chance of being fantastic if not diet.  Reason two is that this is the first bottle of soda I’ve seen that classifies itself as an “Egg Cream”.  Looking at the ingredients milk, cream, and cocoa are all indeed in this bottle potentially making this a fantastic tasting soda.  The label is comprised of various shades of brown making my mouth crave the taste of chocolate even more.  Time to follow the instructions on the label and “Get Creamed!”

Oh sweet heaven that smells amazing.  It smells like I just buried my face into a pile of hot cocoa powder Tony Montana style.  To paraphrase, this smells like paradise, I’m tellin’ ya.  This Jeff’s Chocolate Soda is like a great big refreshing soda just waiting to get drank.  Now that I’ve taken an incredibly vulgar line out of Scarface and made it into something that isn’t even an analogy anymore it’s probably time to drink.

Wonderful.  The chocolate taste is rich like syrup, but the fizz is strong enough to keep it bubbly and fun as it crosses my taste buds.  A smooth creaminess is ever present with each sip combining my love of chocolate with my constant want of a good soda.  If you’ve never mixed chocolate syrup with coke go do it right now and drink it as we enjoy similar tastes together.  This soda tastes nothing like that per say as it’s much heavier on the chocolate, but once you realize how good chocolate syrup and coke is together you can begin to figure out how delicious Jeff’s Chocolate Soda is. The “soda” portion of it has hints of cola, but honestly the soda flavor is so faint it’s almost there for texture alone which is fine.  Now I wouldn’t want to pair this with any particular food as it’s more of a dessert beverage that you’d have after a long day of battling a stupid amount of water from a stupid washing machine that’s stupid because the stupid me forgot to stupid. 

This is hands down the best chocolate soda I’ve ever had; there is no question in my mind at all about that. The only downside to it, and it’s a small one, is how heavy it sits in my stomach.  Yes, I’m aware that by looking at the ingredients for a split second I should expect that… it’s still worth telling you.  I don’t care though as Jeff’s Chocolate Soda just removed several of my issues for the day.  Want the best chocolate soda I’ve ever had, try Jeff’s.  Want a dang good soda, try Jeff’s Chocolate Soda.

Verdict – Buy a Pallet


Jeff's Chocolate Soda580.jpg

Twist is stunned in amazement.  Can't you tell?