C&C Champagne Cola

I reached into the fridge today and pulled out a flavor of soda I’ve had so many times, but that doesn’t seem to matter since I can never pin point the flavor.  C&C Champagne Cola is at hand and once again I’ll assume it’s going to taste like cream soda.  I’m not sure why that’s my first assumption; it could taste orange for all I know.  No matter how many times I drink it I end up forgetting what it tastes like before I drink it again.  Even the label art isn’t all that helpful.  I’m given what looks like a cross between snowflakes and hashtags on a yellow background.  Good think I’m a soda expert.  I have ways of figuring out what this tastes like that few others have even considered.  Onward!

The scent is that of a cola/cream soda hybrid.  Perhaps this is the flavor I’ll soon be partaking in.  Honestly I hope this tastes like grasshoppers or something completely off the path on which I’m being lead.  That would just make it all the more fun.

Bubble gum, cream soda, and GRASSHOPPERS… I mean cola.  The majority flavor in C&C Champagne Cola is certainly bubble gum followed somewhat distantly by cream soda and bringing up the reariest of rears is the cola.  If you assumed that the combination of those three flavors would give you a super sugary soda that sticks to every part of your mouth with ferocity you are correct.  The syrup takes residence in your yapper and refuses to leave for even the best of friends.  Bubble gum flavoring creeps its way onto your lips so that you have no possible way of escaping the sugary nonsense that you just imbibed.  While the flavor isn’t awful this beverage is just far too sweet for me to drink any more.  Of course I could power through it and spend the next few hours wishing I hadn’t, but I think you’ve got the idea of what C&C Champagne Cola tastes like.  Ok, ok, I’ll tell you about the carbonation.  Bubbles frolic by the thousands only to be masked by the heavy syrupy curtain that is everything else.  I’m sure I’d be breaking some champagne cola rule by decreasing the sugar and increasing the fizzy mouth feel, but I honestly think that would help quite a bit.  Ah well, I’ll forget what this tasted like before my next adventure into champagne cola.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


This beverage supplied to us by C&C

C&C Champagne Cola580.jpg

Twist prefers the High Life.