Nice! Strawberry Cherry


Continuing through the world of Walgreens generic sodas, now labeled with their "Nice!" brand, we find their Nice! Strawberry Cherry. This seems like a winner combination: two fruits, both red, both that end in "erry" and both featured in sodas often either as the leading act or an accompaniment. 

The smell is a bit concerning - kind of medicine-esque. Honestly at first the taste is a bit concerning as well. Part of it has the expected "can't miss" combination of two fruits that make for good beverage flavors, and part of it does make you think Robitussin. 

There must not be much of the latter because I keep sipping. In fact, I'd say it's pretty good. One of the bummers for strawberry soda for me is that it always seemed lacking. For one, it had kind of a "dry" taste to it, like it wasn't very refreshing. Also strawberry soda never seems to be very strong in flavor. The cherry does its job, as it has done many times before in soda, and really compliments the main act, making it way tastier than it ever has been before. 

Of course the big negative is that this is chemical city, just like the other Nice! brand beverages. Considering my general blah attitude on strawberry soda, this is very refreshing. I can only imagine what an already big fan of strawberry soda would feel about this combination. 

Verdict: Buy a Pack!