Nice! Orange


In the cover of darkness, DW handed me a sack full of soda. The darkness was a coincidence and he just happened to see me first. So nothing too exciting I guess. But sack full of soda, right? These were some new items from Walgreens, who likes to refresh their store brand every 3 months it seems. Okay, maybe not that often, but fairly often.

The first one I tried was Nice! Orange Soda. Nice! is their new brand monicker. How often have I used monicker on here? Probably not that often. Anyway, to compare it to a name brand, it's very Crush-esque, which is about the best "name" you can get in the world of orange soda.

It's quite sweet, and has a nice, bold orange soda flavor. To give it some distinction from Crush, I'd say it seems a bit "lighter," if that's even possible. Maybe it's the carbonation, which is also light, unlike Sunkist or, dare I say it, Minute Maid, which both have heavier bubbles. I also want to say it has a bit of a vanilla to it. In fact, after I took my first sip, I double checked the bottle to make sure it wasn't an orange cream. I'd say it's maybe 25% down the road to being an orange cream.

The bummer of this is it's chemical city. HFCS and sodium benzoate all up in this bottle. I also learned there is a yellow 6. Who knew? I suppose if you're in a Walgreens and really want an orange soda and don't care how many chemicals are in it, this is a fine alternative to something like Crush. Aside from that, nothing classy here.

Verdict: Buy a Bottle!