I’ve been recommended a handful of sodas to review over the past few years and by far the most popular suggestion is Ski.  Well fortunately for those wanting me to review it I just happen to have a bottle sitting here next to me courtesy of the Dublin Bottling Works.  It’s no secret that I enjoy lime soda and it’s following my lime soda reviews that I usually end up with the suggestion to try Ski.  Looking at the bottle I see that Ski is not a lime soda like I initially though, but a citrus soda.  That’s all fine and dandy as the simplistically-retro bottle art makes me happy to even have this bottle in possession.  I’m also pleased to see that it’s sweetened with Pure Cane Sugar which is another point for this boxers corner.  Enough chitter-chatter, onward!

While the bottle may say “citrus” the scent that came wafting out of the neck was a strong lime with vague citrus undertones.  A quick glance at the ingredients tells me that Ski has both lemon and orange juice concentrate.  This probably just means my smell-o-meter is off and I’m mistaking the lemon for lime.  To be honest my allergies are acting up quite a bit today so if I was a reader I might just ignore this paragraph all together.  Good thing smell isn’t a large part of taste…sigh.  Drinking time!

Ok, allergies or not I still taste more lime than lemon within my first sip of Ski.  The beverage is smoother than I thought it would be, but has a medium amount of carbonation to keep it from being boring.  In fact the bubbles fizz for the duration of each sip which is a simple treat for your tongue.  While it has many similarities to other citrus drinks like Mountain Dew and Sun Drop, Ski’s attention to lime seems to be more noticeable.  Each taste begins with a rush of the aforementioned bubbles then a conglomeration of citrus flavors washes over your teeth.  It’s at this point where you don’t really see much of a difference between Ski and Sun Drop.  Sure, Ski is a little smoother, but the difference is minimal.  It’s only when you reach the finish of each sip that you are greeted by lime.  Lime is like an awesome Wal-Mart greeter.  Any Wal-Mart greeter will say hello as you enter the store (be-it orange, lemon, or lime), but only the best greeters will make sure your trip was pleasant enough that you’ll return again smiling.  That’s what lime does; he waves as you pass letting himself be known to you then as you’re leaving gives you a wink and wishes you well.  Here’s the part where I say that Ski didn’t live up to the hype I’d created for it in my mind, but that’s not the fault of Ski.  Even though I created this disappointment for myself I still am happy to have finally tried it and I think you should too.

Verdict – Buy a Pack


This soda was supplied to us by the Dublin Bottling Works


Faux Fact:  Twist in Russian is Twistski.