Lester's Fixins Bacon Soda

When I visit my grandparents around 7:00 in the morning as my 3rd wave of sleep is starting my grandfather will bang on the door and yell “Gold and brown, gold and brown, time for some gold and brown”.  What this means is that we’re having scrambled eggs (gold) and bacon (brown) for breakfast.  As a youth I disliked hearing this so very much as it meant I had to leave the comfort of my bed.  Since I’ve grown older, and who hasn’t these days, I’ve learned to love hearing these words as I feel their fairly unique to my family and they convey that I’m about to eat some tasty bacon. 

Today’s soda is both gold and brown.  Sadly it’s not bacon and egg soda, it’s just bacon soda with a yellow label.  Lester’s Fixins Bacon Soda has a pink hue to it that some might confuse with that of peach or apricot soda, but only if they had no nose I’m guessing.  You see I’ve tried a few Lester’s Fixins sodas before and they are very accurate in regards to achieving the labeled flavor, thus making me know that I’m about to have about as accurate of a bacon soda as I could probably find.  Let’s find out together, shall we?

Well my dog ran over as soon as I opened the bottle.  That’s probably attributed to the sound it made, but it’s much more fun to pretend that he was fooled by the aroma alone.  Speaking of the aroma it is bacon-esque, but not nearly as pungent as I figured it would be.  Just to be thorough I will mention that it smells more like crisp bacon than it does chewy.  For the record I prefer chewy bacon over the crisp.  Onward!

Hahaha, ok so the soda made me laugh because I knew the taste immediately and I honestly shouldn’t.  Ever given your dog Beggin’ Strips, the bacon flavored dog treat?  If your answer is yes then feel free to move on in parallel with my life.  Now have you ever wondered what a Beggin’ Strip tasted like?  Again, if your answer is yes then continue reading and paralleling my life.  Have you ever eaten a Beggin’ Strip out of curiosity?  If the answer is yes then you need help… kidding, I tried one a few months ago and was surprised at how much like bacon it tasted.  Lester’s Fixins Bacon Soda is liquid Beggin’ Strips with a bit more sugar.  The bacon flavor is there, but it’s obviously faked and the sweetness is probably the only thing that’s keeping me from gagging this back up. 

I’m two swigs into this drink now and the taste is already swaying me to stop.  The carbonation, because I know you care about the levels of carbonation in your bacon soda, is light and that’s to be expected in a bacon soda… I guess.  Honestly it’s not a terrible soda.  I could name five worse ones off the top of my head.  Malta Hatuey, Beverly, Lester’s Fixins Sweet Corn Soda, A&W Root Beer Float, and… ok maybe only four off the top of my head.  I’m halfway done with the bottle now and the bacon flavoring is bothering me less and less by the sip.  Will I finish this bottle only to go to bed burping up bacon?  No, but I could relatively easily.  I can’t honestly suggest that you “Buy a Bottle” of this because I wouldn’t myself just out of weariness.  I will say though that if you like Beggin’ Strips you’ll love Lester’s Fixins Bacon Soda.

Verdict – Buyer Beware


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