The Pop Shoppe Black Cherry Soda

I’ve never had anything from The Pop Shoppe, but I can tell you that I’m looking forward to it for various “non taste related” reasons.  The first reason is obviously the spelling of the word “Shoppe”.  The Old English spelling of the word “shoppe” always hits a fun trigger with me.  Is this company so old that it actually makes sense for them to use it?  Probably not, but why not induce a smile when someone reads your name.  Secondly, the logo is super simple as you can see and looks like something from the 50’s.  Finally, the bottle proclaims the words “Cane Sugar”.  It doesn’t say it’s made with cane sugar, it doesn’t say that it’s sweetened with cane sugar… it just says “Cane Sugar” in a fun Mattel-esque shape.  Of course we know why it says this, but it made me chuckle.  So with that all said I should probably tell you what I’m reviewing today.  Today’s soda is The Pop Shoppe Black Cherry Soda, one of my favorite flavors in the soda world.  Onward!

Apparently Ye Olde Poppe Shoppe isn’t so olde that you need a bottle opener as the twisting action worked just fine.  The scent that escapes the mouth of this bottle reminds me of Dimetapp, which throws an interesting wrench in this review.  To the drinking machine!

The carbonation level of Pop Shoppe Black Cherry Soda is fairly low which isn’t at all what I expected.  I guess when you write “pop” in a review enough times you’ll just convince yourself that the soda itself with have some “pop” to it.  Now the flavor is a different animal.  This is one of the sweeter black cherry sodas I’ve tasted recently and it really seems to stick to your teeth.  The soda itself isn’t all that syrupy, but the taste just lingers in your mouth.  As for the black cherry flavor it’s rather common, but is on the stronger side which is nice.  I really expected to be blown away by this brand of black cherry because I’ve heard positive things about it, but Pop Shoppe Black Cherry Soda seems rather average to me.  The most enduring things about it are all cosmetic.  The lack of fizz, with the brief exception of a small kick during the finish, is the start to a fairly standard journey.  Honestly if they upped said fizz this would be rated a point higher, maybe even two.  I have two more bottles of Pop Shoppe soda in my fridge currently, hopefully they represent the brand a little better.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


The Pop Shoppe Black Cherry Soda580.JPG

The original spelling of Twist's name was Twistee.  The extra "E" is for "Extra Olde"