Guru Energy Drink 2.0 (Fan Review!)

Sequels are typically a less than stellar follow-up of an original product.  So with that being said, I displayed some hesitation when I came across Guru 2.0.  What is Guru 2.0? Well it’s an organic and 100% natural energy drink.  The ingredients include Guarana, Ginko Biloba, and evaporated cane juice used for sweetener. Several other ingredients populate the list but I think the ones listed paint a decent picture of what comprises this mystery juice.  As a side note the label informs me that pregnant women and people sensitive to caffeine should stay away.  Just for a moment I wonder what would happen to a pregnant woman if she drank this stuff.  I decided not to think about it for too long because I think I want to drink this stuff.  So, I make the purchase.

 I open the top and a somewhat sickly smell greets my nostrils.  The best way I can describe the smell is that it most closely resembles bubble gum.  That fact doesn’t bother me too much so I take a swig.  A light taste combined with light carbonation washes through my mouth like a tidal wave.  I take another swig.  Not bad, the slight bubble gum taste is muted and decent.  I finish the can and decide this can was worth the money.  I can’t say that it was way awesome, or wicked yummy, but I can say that this stuff was a pleasant surprise.   Guess I can chalk Guru 2.0 as a decent sequel to the original.

Final review:  Buy a bottle!  Guru 2.0 with all natural ingredients and a decent taste it is a reliable energy drink that far exceeds much of what’s on the market.


Guru Energy Drink580.jpg