MASH Pomegranate Blueberry

One final MASH beverage before the four-fecta is complete.  I’ve worked up a powerful thirst cleaning the shower and what not, so hopefully this MASH Pomegranate Blueberry will help me rejuvenate.  If you’ve read the previous three reviews on MASH, and if you have then congrats on being better than everyone else, you’d know that MASH drinks are very hit or miss.  Enough chatter, I’m too thirsty to care.

Fortunately both scents are present in the aroma of MASH Pomegranate Blueberry.  The blueberry does outshine its pom brethren just a bit, but one of them has to win the battle… right?  DRINK ON!  (I really wish I had two consistent catch phrases to lead from the 1st to 2nd paragraph and then the 2nd to 3rd paragraph… suggestions?)

Fizzy, fruity, but light enough to chug.  MASH Pom-Blu (as I will now call it) is delightful right off the bat.  The carbonation seems a little more intense than in other flavors, which is a nice change up.  Both the pom and blu are very present and aren’t nearly as muted as previous MASH flavors.  This particular version of MASH is what the other flavors should strive to be.  I’m not sure if the particular flavors involved allow for a more robust taste, but it’s great no matter how you slice it.  Even though I’m getting a double burst of fruit flavors the drink is still light enough to quench my thirst and doesn’t sit heavily in my mouth.  Each sip still thrills me with the amount of fizz it contains, almost like it’s playfully shocking my tongue.  If you were to take all the individual delights from this beverage from this drink and separate them you’d end up with an average soda, but combined they make a fantastic entry into the fruit soda genre… and low calorie to boot!

Verdict – Buy a Pack!


Mash Blueberry Pomegranate580.jpg