Twinlab Energy Fuel (Fan Review!)

Health food stores are known for products not typically found at mainstream grocery outlets.  So on a recent trip to my local purveyor of healthy beverages I notice a drink that was ripe for review.  Twinlab Energy Fuel is its name.

Back at the house with chilled can I scan the label to see what's in store.  Twinlab Energy Fuel is made without sugar and has zero calories.  This fact gives me some pause as most sugarless drinks taste really bad.  Elsewhere on the label I am told that a high amount of B vitamins and several different types of herbal extracts are present in the drinks mix.  All told these elements sound cool, but they also sound like they could be a cosmic calamity. 

So the top has been cracked open and no discernible taste is present, good start.  So I take a sip.  The taste is a cross between citrus and water.  So I take a few more sips.  The more I drink the more I notice a strong metallic after taste coating my mouth like paint.  A few more sips provide me with stable carbonation and taste, but also provides me with the same aftertaste that has not only grown unwelcome but has also turned me completely off to Twinlabs Energy Fuel.

Final review:  Buyer Beware!  While the taste of this beverage may be decent, the aftertaste leaves much to be desired.


Twin Labs Energy Fuel580.jpg