Brain TonIQ (Fan Review!)

Awash in a sea of the typical energy drink fare the cooler offered little for a health conscious consumer.  My gaze scanned for something different and found little to excite the imagination.  Disappointed, my feet began to carry body and money for fossil fuel toward the drab register.  As the final portion of the cooler was passed a slim white can caught my wandering eye.  Brain TonIQ was its name and my interest was certainly piqued.  “The clean an intelligent think drink” is how the can described itself, and a search of the remaining portions of the cans exterior provided information that sold me.  Brain TonIQ’s ingredients are impressive to say the least and will be listed now:  organic agave nectar, natural citrus extracts, citric acid, blue green algae, and two different kinds of root extract.  Great ingredients to be sure and I am actually somewhat excited to try this stuff!  Also of note, the label says the following, “No caffeine. No Processed sugar. No fake anything.  Just pure herbs, natural compounds, and organic agave nectar.  Kosher certified.  100% vegan.”  Yeah I dig that. 

So I bring the can back home and open the top.  No real smell to be had and I send a gulp down the drain pipe.  Hey this stuff tastes great.  The taste is unique for sure, but it isn’t heavy at all and doesn’t leave an after taste at all.  So I eagerly take another swig.  The unusual but decent taste stays strong as does the carbonation.  To be honest I’ve been drinking beverages flavored with sugar for so long that it takes me a few sips to grow accustomed to the flavor of Brain TonIQ. I really like what I’ve tried, and finish the can off.  I can honestly say that I am better off now than when I started my can.  You go Brain TonIQ awesome ingredients, great taste, and an energy boost make you liquid yes.

Final review:  Buy a six pack!  Yeah Brain TonIQ is so good deciding whether to buy a can or not is no brainer!


Brain Toniq580.jpg