Taylor's Tonics Candy Cane Shake

March always reminds me of candy canes.  The cool mint on my tongue, the red and white stripes, the way it turns down at one end.  Those are all horrible comparisons to the month of March, but then again this bottle of Taylor’s Tonics Candy Cane Shake was supposed to be consumed in December.  This is the third out of four times that I will reference the fact that I’m drinking a soda at the wrong time of year.  As you might imagine Taylors Tonics Candy Cane Shake has peppermint in the ingredients.  While I’ve had spearmint in a soda before, this might be the first time I’ve consumed liquid peppermint… aside from PeptoBismol which I do indeed like the flavor of.  According to the bottle this soda is a “Minty & Majestic Peppermint Stick Fizz”.  The words “Majestic Peppermint Stick” reminds me of the best peppermint sticks out there…King Leo Peppermint Sticks.  Truly they are amazing and you should purchase them, but we’re talking soda here. 

The scent wafting from the mouth of the bottle is an inviting sweet vanilla mint.  It does remind me of candy canes, so that seems to be on the right track.  Drink on!

Liquid candy cane, well done.  The initial sip tastes fairly minty, but the candy cane goodness doesn’t hit until about a second after.  The weakest point in each sip is the aftertaste, but I have a theory on this.  I’m not sure if my mouth just can’t wrap itself around…wait… that’s going to a terrible place.  Let’s reword shall we?  I’m not sure if my brain can comprehend “liquid candy cane” so the finish causes me to tilt my head like a confused dog.  Taylor’s Tonics Candy Cane Shake is not something you’re going to drink with a meal; this is definitely a stand-alone beverage in my opinion.  Ever eaten a candy cane with your scrambled eggs?  How about with a burrito?  Candy Canes and pickles?  Actually, let me key you in on a very odd, but surprisingly good recipe.

Take a sour pickle, movie theatre size, and cut off the very end of it.  Next take a candy cane and stuff it through the middle of the pickle… much like your hand would go in a puppet.  The curve of the candy cane is now your handle, and the pickle/mint treat on the other is oddly tasty.  Give it a shot, what have you got to lose… except all your friends and family.  Back to the review.

So as you see this soda isn’t for many occasions, but it still delivers on its promise of being liquid candy cane.  I’m still not quite sure why it’s called a “candy cane SHAKE” though.  Does the use of vanilla allow for the word “shake” to be used?  It does cut a little into the mintyness allowing you to consume said beverage with a bit more ease.  No matter!  This beverage is unique enough and tasty enough to warrant you purchasing a bottle.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


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Twist takes his Candy Cane Shake stirred.