Taylor's Tonics Gingerbread House

March 26th officially marks the end of the holiday season here at TheSodaJerks as we’re finally finishing up with our themed sodas.  Today’s selection is Taylor’s Tonics Gingerbread House, which in my opinion could either be delicious or horrible.  Now that I’ve wowed you with my deductive reasoning it’s time to get this over with before the smiling gingerbread face on the bottle guilt’s me out of drinking him.

It certainly has a spicy aroma; one that’s burning my nose like a house hold cleaner or maybe a fancy candle your parents may own.  Either way I’m now a bit more hesitant to try this, but hey… gotta pay the bills somehow.  Wait a second… this doesn’t pay the bills at all.  Why would I subject myself to reviewing this if there isn’t anything in it for me?  Boredom?  Masochism? Curiosity?  Pick whichever one amuses you the most and that’s your answer.

Taylors Tonics Gingerbread House just ran over my tongue like a steam roller.  The ginger clove and cinnamon shoved their fist down my throat and forced all of my taste buds to be abused by this very festive concoction.  Now that I have stopped coughing from my first taste, let’s see if the second isn’t any smoother.  Ok, now that I’m prepared for it I can keep my body from trying to reject it immediately and I must say it’s rather pleasant; it’s very strong… but pleasant.  I see that there is no apple in here, but my brain is creating the apple flavor for me which balances out nicely.  I wouldn’t necessarily say that this tastes like gingerbread, but the ginger clove does a fine job in keeping Taylor’s Tonics Gingerbread House separate from your normal ginger soda faire.  This beverage lights your mouth on fire like a ginger beer, but it’s a small fire, one that you can build a resistance to.  Of course I wouldn’t drink this every day, but I don’t think Taylor’s Tonics wants you to do that.  Well of course they want you to drink their sodas every day… their profits would go through the roof, but you get the idea.  Overall I’m pleased with what I’ve consumed here, but I can’t recommend buying more than a bottle at a time.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


Taylor's Tonics Gingerbread House580.jpg

Twist lives in a gingerbread mansion.  It's quite tasty.