Donkey Kick Energy Drink (Fan Review!)

Donkey Kick Energy Drink comes in a small white can emblazoned with a picture of a donkey executing a rather stout flying side kick that would make Chuck Norris proud. A great gimmick in my opinion as it immediately sold me on buying an already chilled can.  Excited that I found a potential gem to review, I quickly maneuvered the short distance to my drab living space and set out to see just what this stuff was all about.

A recitation of the information written on Donkey Kick Energy Drink’s label seems like a good move to include, and I will do so here.  “Kicks up performance. Kicks up concentration.   Kicks up metabolism.  Punch-up reaction speed with a kick of caffeine.”   I think this description of Donkey Kick is rather lame, but that is just my opinion.  Also, a website is listed and I think that I will actually go to that, although I will make sure to search for with my home computer as the name “Donkey Kick” is all too similar to the name of something non energy drink related. Also the ingredients listed are the usual and include things like HFCS, carbonated water, and weird B vitamins.

I open the top and take a sip to see if the contents are worth the price of admission.  They are not.  A poor rendition of lemon-lime flavor explodes in my mouth like a fire cracker.  So I take another sip to be sure I tasted this this stuff properly, and yes its suck sauce for sure. An after taste that would turn off rodents is left in my mouth and deters me from consuming another ounce.  Confident in my decision I put the can down knowing the remaining contents are better off in the dumpster than my already traumatized tummy.

Final Review:  Do not buy!  Folks don’t let the comical name and label fool you, Donkey Kick Energy Drink’s bad taste is no laughing matter.


Donkey Kick Energy Drink580.jpg