Q Ginger (Fan Review!)

A recent trip found me traverse several miles to a different city.  While visiting a new beverage was presented to me to review.  A unique concoction indeed Q Ginger seemed as unusual as its oddly shaped bottle. Curios as to what exactly Q Ginger is, I studied the bottle for vital context clues.  A rather fancy font informed me that Q Ginger is a "Superior Ginger Ale".  Also, I was informed that the contents are comprised of organic agave, ginseng extract, ginger extract, rose oil, and several other things.  Interesting list to say the least.  So with that I set aside my new found review until I could venture home and complete a review.

Back at home with a newly chilled bottle I open the top and prepare for a drink for which I have a little apprehension.  The ingredients are unfamiliar to me but I've probably had worse, so I take a sip.  A light carbonation is mixed with a muted ginseng taste.  The taste is decent and isn't overpowering.  After a few more sips elements of ginger become apparent and the carbonation remains strong.  The more I drink the more the curious taste grows on me, and by the time I finish the bottle I have a relatively good overall impression of the beverage.  A slight aftertaste is left that isn't strong and doesn't really bother me.  So I have killed two birds with one stone here, overcome my fear of anything new, and found a beverage that is totally yummy! 

Final review:  Buy a bottle!  Certainly unusual Q Ginger is certainly worth trying once.


Q Ginger580.jpg