C&C Vanilla Cream

I’m finally starting to make enough room in my fridge for other sodas now that I’ve reviewed seven (including this one) C&C products.  It’s not that I need more soda to review (as I have 17 more of these bad boys), but the fact that I feel if I review the same brand for too long I may start to tire of it.  Today we’re giving our full attention to C&C Vanilla Cream.  Cream soda, while simple, can have many different variants of flavor.  Will this one be vanilla heavy/carbonation light or will it be fizzier with more of a crisp taste?  I’m not sure, but I can find out for you.  Onward!

From the scent I deduce that C&C Vanilla Cream will be heavy on the vanilly.  I’m aware that “vanilly” isn’t a word, but it sounds like so much more fun than vanilla.  Hopefully the powerful vanilly scent my nose just experienced won’t translate into an overly sweet soda.

C&C Vanilla Cream is about as good a balance of vanilla/carbonation/sweetness/and aftertaste as I would have expected.  They definitely went for the smoother variety of cream soda, but the light fizz of carbonation still greets your taste buds like whatever friendly relative (that you’ve only met twice) your family has sentenced to door duty so that they might let you in upon your arrival home.  The vanilla grabs hold of your mouth and doesn’t let go for the duration of each sip.  It’s not an overbearing hug, say from that aunt with too much perfume and giant sweater, but it’s still something you’ll remember pleasantly as you think about this soda as it does a fair job resembling the flavor of vanilla ice cream. 

Everything about this soda is slightly above average in the taste department minus one aspect.  Occasionally I get the hint of a flavor that reminds me this is made with chemicals and HFCS.  It doesn’t happen so often that I’m distracted by it, but it has happened enough that I felt it necessary to put it in the review.    With that said I’d still recommend C&C Vanilla Cream to anyone who was looking for a good cream soda.

Verdict – Buy a Pack!


This beverage was supplied to us by C&C

C&C Vanilla Cream580.jpg

The soda is even smoother in this picture due to its proximity to Twist