C&C Ginger Ale

This is review 6 or 7 of the very extensive C&C line of sodas.  Today I decided to dial it back a bit.  What exactly I’m dialing back I don’t know, but since I’m reviewing C&C Ginger Ale it seemed to work in my brain for at least 15 seconds which is why I ended up writing it down.  So yeah… C&C Ginger Ale sits in front of me in a bottle with a green color theme as so many ginger ales seem to sport.  I’m not really sure why ginger ale is associated with the color green.  Perhaps it’s to give the consumer the feeling that they’re buying something natural.  Perhaps the first truly successful ginger ale was in a green container and the others just followed suit.  Perhaps the ginger ale people just wanted to stick it to Kermit the Frog and prove to him how easy it is to be green.  With a 22% chance that one of those theories is even in the ballpark of being correct I feel it’s time I moved on to the drinking portion of this review.  Onward!

A stronger ginger scent that I expected escaped the 7/8ths of an inch opening at the top of the bottle.  Granted, the word “ginger” is nowhere to be seen in the ingredients and I must assume that they would have prominently displayed it instead of the incredibly vague “natural flavors” which has unfortunately become a staple of soda ingredients.    Shall I drink?  Yes I shall.

With my first sip I realize that C&C really tried to make a decent ginger ale here.  They certainly did not give minimal effort in its creation which is nice seeing as ginger ale is a soda many just phone in.  A pleasant burst of ginger flavor rushes across my taste buds in a flurry of excitement.  The carbonation levels are just perfect for ginger ale, giving you some substantial fizz for the upset stomach it may be curing.  C&C also avoided making their ginger ale too sweet, but kept it sweet enough that I want to go back and drink more of it.  Other than being made with chemicals the primary downside to C&C Ginger Ale is the fact that the finish is a husky shadow of what my mouth first experienced.  I say a husky shadow because it’s not a slight drop off, yet it’s also not a giant drop off from where I started.  The finish is a bit more watery than I’d like and it’s the unhappy memory I’m left with at the end of each gulp.  With all that said I still feel that C&C Ginger Ale is as good as the mainstream ginger ale’s out there (maybe even better than some) and will rate it as so.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle!


This beverage supplied to us by C&C.

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Twist and Kermit have an ongoing feud on the ease of being green.