C&C Tropic Punch

I was limited to which C&C flavor I could drink today by the amount of Thanksgiving food stuffing my refrigerator.  Actually I was thinking about not writing a review today based on how full/busy the last week has been.  Well fortunately for “Creative Me” I’ve found some stomach space and time for a cool red bottle of C&C Tropic Punch.  I picked the tropical punch today because it’s non-carbonated and that will allow a bit of a reprieve from the pressure that has been abusing my stomach walls.  Without looking too much into this I’m going to go ahead and guess that this is C&C’s version of Hawaiian Punch.  While I’m a fan of Hawaiian Punch I’ll be even more impressed if C&C came up with something more original in flavor.  Onward!

My noses recognizes a mixture of citrus, pineapple, and cherry with the later ingredient being a slight favorite in terms of how much is there.  The scent that wafts from the top is indeed similar to Hawaiian Punch which worries me that I’m dealing with a copycat drink.  Let’s find out if I’m counting my chickens before they gather moss.

I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong about it being a copycat and happily so.  Where Hawaiian Punch likes to brag about hitting you in the mouth with the fists of its mascot, C&C Tropic Punch is a smoother concoction that seems to focus more on the pineapple and cherry flavors.  All the familiar flavors that I listed are there, but how easily it’s ingested is what’s the most surprising to me.  There’s no assault on your throat that some punch might treat you to, in fact it’s a fairly relaxing drink.  C&C Tropic Punch is noticeably sweet, but not so much that you it would overload whatever meal you might “pair” it with.  I must say that I find it amusing to picture someone pairing C&C Tropic Punch with a roasted duck or grilled squirrel, but different strokes for different folks. 

While the ratio of fruit flavors is divvied out skillfully, some may be put off by the syrupy mouth feel you get at the finish of each gulp and ultimately (other than being primarily made with chemicals and HFCS) that’s the weakest limb on the body of C&C Tropic Punch.  This isn’t a stand out beverage, but it is a beyond decent tropical punch.  Give it a shot, you’ll probably like it.

Verdict – Buy a Pack


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How about a nice Hawaiian Twist?