It’s Friday which means it’s time for a bottle of wine… CHEERWINE that is!  I’ve had many a folk suggest and laud Cheerwine over the past several years and finally I have a bottle in my possession thanks to the Dublin Bottling Works.  When you break the name down it does seem that Cheerwine is the perfect Friday beverage.  Both “cheer” and “wine” are things that people might experience upon arriving home from their week at work.  Since I would avoid the wine filled Friday I’m thankful that Cheerwine is a cherry soda, or at least I assume it is because there’s a tiny cherry on the bottle with the words “Unique Sparkling Soft Drink” surrounding it. I’m not sure how unique a cherry soda can be, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.  Before I go on any further I must write this sentence where I happily inform you that Cheerwine is sweetened with cane sugar.  They opted to not write “Pure Cane Sugar” and went with the less popular, but Aaron preferred, “Real Cane Sugar.”  Enough of this chatter, let’s find out exactly what Cheerwine is together (but mostly me).  Onward!

A deliciously rich wild cherry scent greets my nostrils and pats them on the back as if they’ve been buddies for years.  Hopefully this experience won’t strain that relationship.

There is way more carbonation in this than I was expecting.  Each sip fills my mouth with a multitude of bubbles to the point where I have to initially search for the flavor.  After the search has ended and all parties are accounted for I’m greeted with a pleasant cherry burst that has little medicinal flavoring… which is always a risk in cherry flavored beverages.  The cherry scent isn’t overpowering nor is it as sweet as its scent might suggest.  Cheerwine is comparable to a muted Cherry Crush and before you take that as a negative give Cherry Crush a taste and you’ll realize that you can have less cherry flavor than that and still produce a good beverage. 

Since the flavor is somewhat subdued the drink becomes more refreshing than I would have predicted.  It’s not something that I would chug after a marathon or anything, but I could see enjoying a bottle of Cheerwine under the ol’ shade tree with your best gal/guy.  The two of you waxing poetic on if you should try to sell your stallion out to stud or if you should just keep working at the market where you know everyone’s name.  She’d/He’d, listen to your story and stay silent because it’s not up to them and y’all haven’t been dating long enough that they feel sure enough to help you make such a decision.  Instead to break the silence you reach for your cool bottle of Cheerwine and take a swig, only to notice out of the corner of your eye that your belle/beau is doing the same.  Just another small moment in life you’ve now bonded over… maybe you’ll marry her/him one day.

With that all said and the last paragraph doing its best to be more story than review here’s the true true on Cheerwine.  Even though it’s flavored with artificial cherry, Cheerwine delivers a pleasant flavor that would be great if it wasn’t for the overabundance of carbonation.

Verdict – Buy a Pack


This beverage supplied to us by The Dublin Bottling Works


Twist literally puts the cheer in every bottle.