Dublin Vintage Cola

At this point I have two remaining bottles given to me by the fine folks at Dublin Bottling Works and of those two only one includes the Dublin name in its title.  Dublin Vintage Cola is what’s on tap today, but actually in a bottle in front of me thus rendering the first half of this sentence false.  For many soda companies “cola” is where you start.  If you have a good cola people will trust your brand more than say if you have a good lemon/lime beverage, but a so-so cola.  Curiously this is the first Dublin soda I can remember seeing without its traditional green “Dublin” bottle cap.  Apparently for Vintage Cola they went with the standard and logo-less gold cap.  Hopefully Dublin will deliver a solid entry in the cola genre with its cane sugar sweetened soda.  Onward!

A noticeable cola scent, not unlike RC Cola (the superior of the three main colas in my opinion) casually leaves the mouth of the bottle upon opening.  It’s a very nonchalant aroma that doesn’t get my hopes up, nor dashes them upon smelling it.

The carbonation is just a notch too high for my liking as it somewhat masks the cola taste with each sip I take.  Apart from that one complaint the overall mouth feel and flavor of Dublin Vintage Cola is pleasant, but not outstanding.  Compared to the three main sodas that use HFCS as a sweetener I would put this over HFCS Pepsi in terms of flavor and overall enjoyablity.  If compared to the Mexican or sugar sweetened versions of those colas, I’m sad to say that this would fall to fourth as the cola flavoring in Dublin Vintage Cola doesn’t sizzle as much on your taste buds as big boys on the block.  While there’s nothing wrong with Dublin Vintage Cola there’s nothing aside from the fact that it’s sweetened with sugar that would make me pick it over RC Cola or Coke.  When I started this review that last sentence was something I didn’t want to have to write, but sadly there it is.

Dublin Vintage Cola is a fine soda, but sadly it just blends in with so many others.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


This beverage supplied to us by the Dublin Bottling Works

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