Dublin Retro Creme Soda

With my computer now updated from Vista to shiny new Windows 8 I figured it was about time to write a review.  How those two things correlate I have no idea, but I’ve been fiddling with my computer for the last few hours and just wanted to work it into the review.  Today’s soda installment is Dublin Retro Crème Soda.  In case you weren’t aware, retro crème soda = red crème soda in the eyes of the Dublin Bottling Works.  Even though I have a seasoned palate I’m not quite sure what makes the red version the “retro” version, but life would be rather boring if we knew everything.  It’s time to taste this sugar sweetened treat.  Onward!

I do enjoy the look of red crème soda over its many brothers and the smell always seems a bit sweeter.  Is it?  Probably not, but in this case Dublin Retro Crème Soda delivers in the memory department and sends me back to enjoying a bottle with my dad.  I’ve told the story before somewhere on this site, so hopefully I’ll link it and we’ll all remember together.  Drinkin’ time!

With a nice punch to the tongue the Retro Crème Soda fizzes and bubbles throughout my mouth.  It’s not as smooth as your standard light brown cream soda, but the vanilla taste is unmistakably there.  While sweeter than many other beverages, Dublin Retro Crème Soda doesn’t overdo it and allows you to enjoy the entirety of the bottle without getting overloaded with sugar.  As I’ve said in other red cream soda reviews it’s hard for me to shove nostalgia out of the way so that I might accurately rate this beverage.  Since I’m paid the non-existent big bucks I guess I’ll just have to give it a go in one fatal sentence.  Dublin Retro Crème Soda is a tasty entry in the cream soda department and while it does nothing to stand at the top of Cream Soda Hill it camps somewhere about halfway.

Verdict – Buy a Pack


This was beverage supplied to us by Dublin Bottling Works

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