Dublin Vanilla Cream Soda

Now that I’ve taken a four soda detour I feel it’s only right to get back on the road to Dublin and finish up the last six sodas they sent me.  The first landmark I see on the ol’ dusty trail is this bottle of Dublin Vanilla Cream Soda.  Cream soda is one of those beverages where it seems to be harder to differentiate the good from the great.  Hopefully since Dublin uses pure cane sugar I’ll think it’s the latter, but my mind is telling me this is like most every other cream soda out there.  Let’s find out shall we?  Onward!

The scent that wafts from the mouth of the bottle is one riddled with sweet vanilla.  Its smells so much of vanilla that it approaches the intensiveness of a product you might purchase from the Yankee Candle Company candle.  Why I name dropped Yankee Candle Company and didn’t just type “scented candle” is a mystery to me.  Perhaps I’ll get some kind of endorsement deal.  Time for a taste.

My initial opinion of the taste isn’t really a fond one.  As soon as the Dublin Vanilla Cream Soda hits my tongue I’m sadly greeted with a brief bitter flavor followed up with your standard cream soda fare.  Even though this is made with pure cane sugar the “artificial flavors” make themselves known right away and throughout the entire drinking experience.  It makes me sad to say that I’d rather drink an A&W Cream Soda than this and I can’t recommend that you purchase it.  The flavor isn’t gross mind you; it’s just inferior to several othercream sodas out there in this wonderful world.  You’d pick this up and finish the bottle with little problem, but I don’t think this soda would bring much more fun to your life. 

Thankfully it has the correct amount of carbonation in my opinion.   It’s not so fizzy that it takes away from what smoothness is there, but also not so flat that you feel like you’re drinking artificial sugar.  With all that said my Friday has turned sad as I was looking forward to my Dublin treat today.  Fortunately I have 5 different flavors in my fridge and I just know they’ll be better. 

To summarize in a sentence that renders the last four paragraphs pointless… Dublin Vanilla Cream Soda smells like a great cream soda, but tastes slightly below average.

Verdict – Buyer Beware


This beverage supplied to us by Dublin Bottling Works.

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