Full Throttle - Blue Agave (Fan Review!)

Choosing what to drink can sometimes be a laborious task due to the litany of tired flavors available.  From its perch a blue can stood in stark contrast to the myriad of drab mainstream beverages.  This time could be different I thought, maybe I had found something worthwhile.  There was only one way to find out.  So I took my new prize the required distance to exchange dollars for petroleum and carbonated fare.  Already chilled, my new found can of Full Throttle Energy Drink Blue Agave Flavor was opened en route to the modest abode I call home.

“Hard working Full Throttle with real energy.  Our no choke mixture is about full flavor you don’t have to force down, and reliable energy ingredients that help you get the job done, no mystery ingredients, no bull!”  That statement is located on the back of the can and I immediately wonder what is meant by “real energy.” Perhaps the implication is that the consumer won’t have an energy crash, however the label doesn’t clarify so I’m left to speculate.  Now I’ll move on to the ingredients list to test some of those lofty claims.  HFCS, caffeine, sugar, and B vitamins comprise the main ingredients.  Certainly no mystery located there, and the caffeine content is listed as 100mg per 8 FL OZ, and 197 per 16 FL OZ.  High levels of caffeine to be sure, but perhaps that is what “reliable energy” referred to. Either way I’ll find out shortly.

The agave plant is used to make tequila in addition to a substance most similar to honey, both of which I have enjoyed in the past.  So it stands to reason that a fairly decent carbonated beverage could be concocted from the aforementioned desert fauna.  So I crack the top and take a long gulp.  An above average taste washes over my taste buds like a deluge and leaves me eager to try more.  So a second round of fluid is sent down the esophagus with the like results.  The carbonation remains strong as does the refreshing taste.  The taste is unique, and hard to relate.  It is sweet but not overly so and doesn’t grow stale the more I consume.  The carbonation stays strong and hasn’t grown flat in the moments the can has been open.   I finish the equivalent of a serving, impressed with the fact that I indeed did not have to force any part of this stuff down and consider this stuff something I would purchase again.  I do in fact have more energy, maybe the ingredients where reliable after all.   

Final Review: Buy a six pack!  Good taste at a good price, totally worth buying.