iChill (Fan Review!)

While at a local service station I notice a myriad of products located at the cash register perched in full view, clearly intended to be impulse buys.  The products range from cigarette lighters to cheap costume jewelry and are priced to move.  So I scan the items a few times while waiting to pay for gas and notice something I haven't seen yet, iChill Relaxation shot.  So I buy a bottle and set out to do a worthy review.  Honestly I thought about buying the Poison lighter as well, but I don't smoke so it seems like a waste of money.       

Labels can provide relevant information both directly and indirectly, and the label for iChill provides information via both methods.  A rather strong warning to stay away if I'm pregnant, or a child, is located on an obscure part of the label and makes me wonder why I even bought this stuff.  It also warns me not to use if I have any allergies or am under medical supervision.  I wonder after reading the strong admonishment how a product like this is sold over the counter.  But that is just an opinion, and I decide to read the rest of the label to see what else I can find out.  I am told to "unwind from the grind." Dumb catch phrase, but they have to have something I guess.  The ingredients list includes such things as Melatonin, Valetian root, and Rose Hips.  Not bad, but the real test is how this stuff tastes.

So I open the tiny smurf colored bottle and a horribly fake blueberry smell nearly convinces me to set the bottle down and not finish the review.  But I have invested some of my hard earned money to purchase this stuff, so I decide to go ahead and drink some, come-what-may.  A taste that is a cross between medicinal and offensive punches me in the mouth.  Ambiguous blueberry overtones combined with some indescribable taste linger long after the sip is gone.  I don't contemplate taking another sip; one gulp is absolutely all I need to know that I won't ever be trying it again.  Note to self: next time you see iChill stay away!  I knew I should have bought that that Poison lighter!

Final Review:  Do Not Buy! Folks if you need to chill, go hang out with friends or take a walk, anything but try this stuff, NO KIDDING!