Hotlips Cranberry Soda

Sparkling water, cranberry juice, pear juice.  Boom, soda.  Those are the only ingredients in this bottle of HOTLIPS Cranberry Soda.  HOTLIPS is a soda company from the Northwest that I respect more than I could put into words.  Their soda is all natural, and you can usually count the ingredients they use on one hand.  Oh, the ingredient label looks a little different than what I wrote.  Here’s the official ingredient list.  Sparkling water, Stevens + Yellow River Cranberries grown by Seaview Cranberries in Sixes, OR, NW grown pears, concentrated.  There you have it… it’s basically what I said just a bit fancier.  Sadly it doesn’t say “Boom, soda!” afterwards; I really think that would drive the point home.    Once I told my wife what was in this soda she immediately wanted to try it, and she is very much NOT a soda person.    Enough of this chatter, I want to try this post haste.

Guess what I smell when I opened it… cranberries and pear.  I’m guessing they use the pear as the sweetening agent since cranberries aren’t particularly known for being sugary.  I smell the pear a bit more than I thought I would, but I think the strength of the cranberry’s flavor will compensate just fine.  I think I’ll hand the bottle to Wife so that she might give her own shortened review.  Here it is.

Wife:  “It punches me in the face with a cranberry fist, and the soda art is unimpressive.  It tastes like fermented cranberry wine.  DISLIKE!”

Well with her disliking it I’m kind of curious as to how this will taste to me.  Here goes something… probably a paragraph on how I think it tastes.

There is no way to mistake this flavor.   You are most certainly drinking a cranberry soda as the pear has all but vanished, muting the would-be super-tartness of the cranberry.  I want to take this time to say that when I typed the word “super-tartness” I thought of a Super Tart, perhaps some sort of promiscuous English Super Heroine.  I will say that the initial flavor my mouth is welcomed to isn’t my favorite, but once the ingestion process furthers my taste buds become awash with cranberry goodness.  HOTLIPS Cranberry Soda is something I could see serving this with the family meal.  I’m sure it’s a natural connection but I’d really like to try this with my Thanksgiving Dinner… sadly I can’t purchase HOTLIPS in my area.  I’m not tasting the fermented flavor Wife did, but that’s not to say it’s not there.  She could have been speaking about that initial taste that I noted my dislike for earlier.  Overall I’m impressed once again with HOTLIPS and what they’re able to do with so few ingredients.  The only flavor of theirs I have left to try is Cherry, and I dream for the day I get to.  This is a tasty soda, but may not be for everyone due to the strength of the cranberry flavoring (a good thing in my opinion).  Bring some over to your family/friend’s house next time you’re having a real deal sit down meal.

Verdict – Buy a Pack!


HOTLIPS Cranberry580.jpg

Faux Fact: The lips used for their logo are actually Twist's.