Taylors Tonic’s Café Azteca Espresso Cola (Fan Review!)

A soda with a long name graced the new arrival section at the local grocery store, and Taylor’s Tonics Café Azteca Espresso Cola is its name. Always on the lookout for new colas to review, I bought the already chilled bottle and set out to review what looked like a promising gourmet beverage.  I must admit that the concept of an “espresso cola” makes me a little nervous, so I decide to drive to a busy local park to consume my new found treat.  That way if anything happens to me I could find someone to help, I hope.

The ingredients list informs me that Café Azteca is made with cocoa, coffee beans, cinnamon, and “a touch of cayenne.”  These ingredients sound appetizing and unique, but have the potential to be an oral disaster waiting to unfold.  Also, I am informed that the aforementioned beverage is vegan friendly and gluten free, these facts are certainly a plus for those looking for healthy soda.  The ingredients list also contains several items which are organic and don’t require a working knowledge of chemistry to identify or pronounce.  All of these elements make for a positive first impression, a first impression that has me less worried.

So the top is removed and Café Azteca doesn’t seem to have a scent, a good thing in my opinion.  So I take a swig.  A rather unique flavor greets my taste buds, and I think I like what I’ve tasted so far.  A strong coffee bean taste is present, but it isn’t overpowering.  The spice can be discerned and adds to the overall experience.  After a few more sips I notice that there is no real aftertaste, which is a definite plus.  A few more sips present me with flavor and carbonation that hasn’t faded and still satisfies.       

The bottle is now finished and to be honest I expected to be wired but I am not.  Taylor’s Tonic Café Azteca tasted great, and has left no weird aftertaste to remind me of what I just drank.  So overall I have a good impression and would drink another bottle of this coffee bean cola fusion. 

Final Review:  Buy a bottle!  Taylors Tonic’s Café Azteca Espresso Cola is a tasty treat for you! 


Cafe Azteca Esspresso Cola580.jpg