IZZE Sparkling Peach

I think we’ve reviewed threepeachsodas on this website over the last 3 years.  That puts our peach soda drinking rate at about one year.  Friend, that’s just too darn long in between peach sodas.  Hopefully this bottle of IZZE Sparkling Peach will be worth the break in custom and satisfy my thirst.  You see our air conditioner is on the fritz and I could really use a good soda right about now.  Here’s hoping IZZE, which is a brand we’ve tested before, will help me out in my time of need.  Drink on!

Peach is one of those flavors that surprises and delights me every time I smell it coming out the top of a bottle.  I guess it surprises me because I just don’t immediately think of “peach” as being a soda flavor.  Grape, orange, and cherry… sure, but peach?  IZZE Sparkling Peach produces a very peach-ful aroma that fills your nostrils with ease.  Wonder why they never used that in the ad campaign?  IZZE Peach – The Aroma that Fills Your Nostrils!

Upon tasting the peach flavor goes through three stages.  Your mouth’s initial affair with IZZE Peach never really reaches its full peach-tential.  The white grape and apple juices used to help flavor the beverage are what stand out at first.  Stage 2 of this journey is where Apple and Grape meet Peach at a crossroads.  I don’t know if you’ve ever played the game Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom, but I picture that meeting to be in the art styling of said NES game.  Look it up, I DARE YOU!  You don’t have to play it, I didn’t… for long.  Never was an RPG’er sad to say.  I’ve beaten ChronoTrigger, FFVII, and Suikoden 2, but that was because I felt I owed it to myself, and my wife to do so.  Where were we?  Oh yeah… PART THREE, Three, three.  AS the flavor sets in your mouth for a while the actual peach juice they used to flavor this makes itself known.  It honestly tastes like you just had a bite of peach until stage 3 fades away forever allowing your mouth to enjoy other tasty food/drink items.  The carbonation isn’t all that strong, but it does add to the minimal bite that IZZE Sparkling Peach produces.  With all that said I wish there was more of a pronounced peach flavor throughout the beverage.  The natural ingredients help boost the rating a notch, but I’m still on the lookout for a top notch peach soda.

Verdict – Buy a Pack


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