Vignette Wine Country Soda - Pinot Noir

Wine soda.  That’s what this is, and I’m not scared to admit that I’m very skeptical about this review.  I don’t like wine, or most alcoholic drinks for that matter.  This bottle of Vignette Wine Country Soda – Pinot Noir assures me that it is in fact non-alcoholic.  Something tells me that even though this is non-alcoholic the chances of me liking it are slim to nil.  I will say that it does have a lovely color, and a very simple woodsy label that any wine aficionado would be pleased to see.  The ingredients are another high point of this soda, listing filtered carbonated water, Pinot Noir grape juice concentrate, citric acid, and natural flavor as the culprits creating this soda.  With all that said, let’s pop the cork (sadly there is no cork) and see what kind of bouquet Vignette Pinot Noir has to offer.

Ah, it’s a twist cap… how refined.  With my one good nostril (I’m a bit stuffed up at the moment) I get the scent of grape juice.  I’m pleased with this smell as I’m a fan of grape juice.  If Vignette could have any redeeming value it would be that it tastes like a fun grape juice soda.  Still though, I’m doubtful that they made this to be “fun” as the bottle takes itself way too seriously.  It’s now time to take the drink for the thirst that is yet to come.

Alright, I’m good with this.  The easiest way to put it is to say that it’s sparkling grape juice.  I’m sure if I had a more refined palate I could tell you how strong the flavor of the Pinot Noir grapes were… but they just taste like grapes to me.  This isn’t an overly sweet soda as I didn’t see any additional sugars added to the grape juice they used to make it.  It starts off a little bitter as wine might, but where that flavor might linger in your mouth a while with wine it escapes quite cleanly with Vignette Pinot Noir.  The carbonation is obviously there but it’s not distracting in any way.  I don’t know if it’s because I figured I’d hate this when I first bought it but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Vignette Pinot Noir.  This isn’t something I’d keep my fridge stocked full of, but I might buy some for a party and see how people like it.  The overly simplified bottom line is this, if you like grape juice and bubbles you’ll probably like Vignette Wine Country Soda – Pinot Noir. 

Verdict – Buy a Pack


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