U Force - Cherry Limeade (Fan Review!)

Things that are on sale can be very tempting to buy.  Things that are on sale at a sleazy gas station are less tempting to buy, except if they are energy drinks which haven't been reviewed yet.  U Force Energy Drink Cherry Limeade Flavor is the on sale beverage in question, so I make the purchase, dodge the shady guy in a trench coat, and lug the brightly colored can back to my palace to do a review.

So I sit down to do the review and decide to read the can, just to get an idea as to what I'm up against.  Several red flags are scattered about the label.  First, I am told this product contains 0% juice.  For a cherry limeade drink that is not good, it inadvertently tells me the beverage will taste horrible. Of course that statement is written in small letters on the back of the can.  So I ask myself, "If this drink contains 0% juice, then what does it contain?"  Which brings me to point number two, the ingredients list.  The ingredients of this drink contain loads of things that I have heard are bad for me like high fructose corn syrup and potassium benzoate. Third, the branding for this product is as unimaginative as it is corny.  "U Force is looking out for U, Delivering the endurance to take U to a whole new extreme!"  That statement is written on the can in bold letters. That statement is written on the opposite side of the can from 0% juice comment, just a coincidence I'm sure.  As a side note this product is produced in Texas for the Valero Corner Store chain of gas stations. 

The next step is a mere formality in my mind.  I crack open the can and shutter at the smell.  Cheap and horribly fake describes the cherry smell that greats my unsuspecting nostrils.  So I take a sip, it tastes like something I would buy at a parking lot carnival.  On second thought I doubt carneys would sell this stuff, it tastes too bad.  So I take another sip just to be sure and the heaviness of the HFCS sits on my tongue like a paste. The fake cherry flavor doesn’t get any better.  After a few more tortuous sips I choose to halt the review.  The taste is undeniably horrible, and is a real turn-off.  I can’t imagine how the folks who made this thought that not using any real juice was a good idea, and after drinking some, I can't see how they didn't change that in a hurry.  So I pour the remaining down the drain, confident that this product is going someplace it belongs. 

Final review:  Do not buy!  Folks, U Force Cherry Limeade tastes like canned vomit and is not worth the price of admission. Please stay away if you can!  


U Force Cherry Limeade580.jpg