Zusma - White Berry (Fan Review!)

Finding something new to review for the Carbo Nation can be exciting.  So, on a recent shopping excursion I stumble upon Zusma Energy Tea White Berry flavor. I immediately wonder what an energy tea is, and also wonder what exactly a white berry is as well.  So I do what any reasonable person would do it that situation, I read the label before I decide to make the purchase. I then became that guy, the guy who stands in the grocery store soda aisle looking inquisitively at the label of a mere drink.  What I discovered was mildly impressive and elevated Zusma White Berry from a curiosity to must drink.  Several things jumped out at me, and I will provide a short synopsis now.  First, this stuff is made with white and green tea as its base, a novel and intriguing start.  Next we have agave syrup, cane sugar, and hibiscus powder for extra flavor.  This drink sounded more and more delicious the more I read, and the sale price was good enough to compel me to make the purchase.  Hey, this drink is promising!

The top has been cracked opened, and I take a sniff.  There isn't a discernible scent, which is a good thing in my mind.  So I decide to take a sip.  Not bad.  A very mild taste consisting of green tea taste and some type of berry.  It tastes most similar to white grape juice in my opinion.  While the taste is not spectacular, I will say that it tastes well above average and is worth the cost of procurement.  I take several more sips to ensure I have the correct reading, and sure enough, I do.  Several more sips are taken and the can is finished in no time flat.  There is no aftertaste and the flavor remained constant.  Overall I like what I've seen, or in this case, drank.  I would actually drink Zusma again!

Final review:  Buy a bottle!  Folks Zusma has good ingredients, good taste, and a good price.  All of which point toward a solid beverage purchase that could surly satisfy you thirsty desires.


Zusma White Berry580.jpg