Sippin Syrup - Mellin (Fan Review!)

Sippin' Syrup is an uncommon beverage.  By uncommon I mean that it claims to be a relaxation beverage, as opposed to an energy drink.  Few other products seem to exist in the relaxation category of lifestyle beverages, so reviewing a new flavor of Sippin' Syrup seemed natural. So the sleazy corner store named "Speedo" received a few more of my dollars as I bagged up my new found treasure and headed home. 

"Mellin" is the flavor at hand, and an explanation of the drink is in order for those unfamiliar with the product.  Various slogan are splashed across the green and red label that proclaim a variety of things like:  "Extended Relaxation," "Euphoric Thoughts," and "Experience Calmness."  These statements are cheesy in my book, and undermine the drinks credibility.  I'm unsure whether the drink is supposed to help me achieve those things or if those statements are just general proclamations.  Either way the drink is off to a bad start.  Also of note, a statement warning me to stay away from using machinery after consumption is located on the back of the label.  Just what the world needs, another drink sold over the counter that makes it more difficult for me to drive my car. 

As I twist the plastic top off of the bottle a horribly cheap scent begins to waft in my direction.  Yes it smells like "Mellin" but a kind I want don't want any part of at all.  But there is a review to do, so I hold my nose and take a sip.  After the first gulp I must say that this doesn't taste as bad as I thought it would, but it doesn't taste good either.  It tastes like the type of cheap watermelon one would find in a seedy liquor stores clearance bin, or at a medium security prisons cafeteria.  I am really not surprised, and take a few more sips to be fair.  It still tastes wicked cheap. I debate whether to drink any more, and decide that I have had enough. I pour the rest down the kitchen sink knowing this stuff is better off there than in my stomach. 

As a side note, as I poured Sippin' Syrup Mellin flavor down the drain I notice the first thing listed on the ingredients list was high fructose corn syrup.  Strange that a drink meant to induce relaxation would have high potency sugar in its mix.  If you've guessed that I won’t be trying any more "Mellin" in this lifetime, you've guessed correctly!

Final Review:  Do not buy!  Sippin' Syrup Mellin flavor is a horrible tasting drink that leaves everything to be desired.  I am now faced with the challenge of trying to forget the fact that I spent money on something that shouldn't exist.


Sippin Syrup Mellin580.jpg