Reed's Rx

Ever been nauseous?  The answer is yes whether you want to admit it or not.  What if I told you that there was a soda that could combat nausea.  Would you be amazed?  It’s doubtful you would be since ginger ale has been in existence for a very long time that I don’t care to look up.  Ok, so what if there was a soda that’s main purpose was to combat nausea and that it was made by our friends at Reed’s?  Guess what?  There is!  Guess what?  I’m reviewing it RIGHT NOW!  Today’s review is for Reed’s Rx.  It comes in a tiny (5.5 oz.) purple can and claims it will combat morning sickness, motion sickness, and upset stomachs.  Since ginger has been proven to help all of those listed ailments, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that they’re telling the truth as well.  I have a sensitive stomach myself, ok my stomach is a wuss, but a ginger ale will always quiet it down back to normal stomach levels.  Along with the12 grams of fresh ginger the ingredients are as follows:  Carbonated filtered water, fructose, pineapple juice from concentrate, honey, lemon juice from concentrate, lime juice from concentrate, and spices.  Reed’s Rx also has a good dose of B3, B6, and B12… so we’re working with some pretty good stuff here.  While I’m very happy that Reed’s has produced this beverage it still has to taste good.  Who wants a cure for tummy aches when the drink itself is gross?  It’s time for me to open this tiny can and see what emerges.

That’s a spicy meatball… um… soda.  Well the smell is spicy at least.  Doing a little math I can tell you that Reed’s Rx has more ginger per fluid oz. than their Original Ginger Brew, and just slightly more than their Extra Ginger Brew.  Short story short… this might be kind of intense.  Time to pretend I’m a giant as I pick up this wee little can and take a sip.

It’s a tasty ginger beverage I can say that much, but my throat immediately felt that ginger burn that I expected it would.  The burn itself it not overwhelming though, I’m not going to have a problem finishing the rest of this can thus completing the tummy ache removal process.  Taste wise I can make out the pineapple and lemon, but the lime is a bit too subtle for my palate.  Your mouth is certainly aware of Reed’s Rx’s presence but as I said earlier it’s nothing overbearing.  While I love Reed’s Ginger Brew’s I found myself only able to finish about half a bottle until the ginger burn became too much for me.  Since this can is approximately half a bottle I’d say it’s the perfect size especially for its purpose.  So if you have any kind of nausea, motion sickness, or morning sickness give Reed’s Rx a try.  According to the folks at Reed’s you can pick this particular product up at your neighborhood CVS, but there weren’t any stocked in my area.  If you can’t find any or you just don’t want to buy it then just buy some ginger ale… just make sure it’s actually made with ginger.

Verdict – Buy a Pallet


(This beverage was provided to us by Reed's)

Reeds Rx580.jpg

Faux Fact: I had to knock those cans down with a softball to win the pineapple for Twist.