Zusma - Prickly Pear (Fan Review!)

I sometimes scan the items in the soda aisle at my local supermarket to see what’s new.  With some surprise I spotted a new product perched in a small corner, and Zusma Energy Tea Prickly Pear flavor is its name.  So I reach for the nearest can and make the purchase.  Happy to have a new drink to review, and even happier that it was on sale, I take my new prize home to do a review.  As I drive home I can't help but think that the name Zusma sounds like a magic act in a place like Branson, Missouri or a low rent palm reader in a rundown Florida neighborhood.   

I look over the label to see just what this Zusma is all about.  Made by the HEB supermarket chain to be sold in its local stores, Zusma appears to be different from regular energy drinks in several ways.  First difference, the ingredients list.  I am informed that Zusma is made from things like premium brewed green and black teas, pear juice, agave nectar, cane sugar, and honey powder.  These aren't all of the ingredients, but it’s clear to me that this beverage is intended to be an all-natural alternative to the standard energy drink fare.  

The top has been cracked and I take a sip.  This stuff actually tastes great.  Subtle pear flavor is mixed with hints of honey and carbonation.  I take more sips, followed by more sips.  The flavor neither grows stale nor gets old.  The various types of tea can be discerned and only add to the experience.  Each sip is like an explosion of greatness that unfolds in my mouth.  I continue drinking reviling in the fact that this energy tea is as good as the sale price was low.  Before I know it the can is empty and I have no aftertaste left in my mouth.  I am certainly surprised.  Typically lifestyle beverages don't measure up to the hype, but this particular product does.  Zusma Energy Tea Prickly Pear Flavor tastes good enough to drink again, without any remorse.  I still don't like the name very much, but much like so many other things in life, I'll deal with it if it means I get a good drink.

Final review:  Buy a six pack!  Yeah, Zusma Prickly Pear flavor tastes good enough to drink regularly, even around your friends!


Zusma Prickly Pear580.jpg