U Force - Blue Pomegranate (Fan Review!)

 I have to admit I have no idea what a pomegranate is.  But it is a flavor of U Force Energy Drink, Blue Pomegranate to be exact.  While I don't think pomegranate comes in a blue variety, I do know that this stuff is on sale, which is just my language. 

So back at the house I scan the label to see just what this U Force Blue Pomegranate is all about.  Several things jump out.  First, it says that this is 0% juice.  This fact makes me nervous. How can a drink be pomegranate flavored, but not actually flavored with juice from said fruit? My guess is that a cheap synthetic alternative has been used. Next, the ingredients list has several items that I find questionable, like High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Potassium Benzoate.  All of these elements combined give me felling that this stuff is most likely a batch of carbonated suck sauce.

The top has been cracked, and there isn't really a smell.  I take a sip, and the taste is very subtle, that is a good thing compared with the other U Force Energy Drink flavors.  So I take another sip, bad but not horrible.  I can't identify what the taste is really, but it tastes cheap and fake. The more I drink the more a heavy after taste is left on my tongue.  I have learned that there is really no payoff with this beverage.  After a quarter of a 16 oz. can consumed, I have no more energy than before and a nasty aftertaste left in my mouth.  So the review stops here.

Final Review:  Do not buy!  Folks if you want something with pomegranate, stay away from U Force Blue Pomegranate.  It has no actual Pomegranate juice in it, just "natural flavors," whatever that means.  it also has a mediocre taste that leaves a lot to be desired.


U Force Blue Pomegranate580.jpg

Blue on blue, heartache on heartache