U Force - Lemonade (Fan Review!)

It’s summertime, and like so many people I enjoy lemonade when it’s hot outside. So while at the local gas station I spot U Force Energy Drink Lemonade flavor, and it’s on sale. So I pick up a can. A lemonade flavor drink that I can review for cheap, what a deal!

Now is the part where I read the label. The tally of things wrong is numerous, so I will list them now. First, this drink informs me that it is comprised of 0% juice. Lemonade made with no actual lemon juice, not a good start. Second, the ingredient list is full of stuff that I can't pronounce and have heard is somewhat bad for me, like High Fructose Corn Syrup and Potassium Benzoate. Third, after reading the ingredients list I see a small logo that reads "Fresh Choices." I don't know what that is referring to, but I can't help but think its referring to the drink. Yeah... a drink with 0% real juice and make with preservatives is nowhere close to being fresh, just an opinion. Third, several slogans on the can tell me about how I will be taken to a new level or to a new extreme; hopefully they mean that in a good way.

The aluminum top has been opened. Yep, it smells similar to lemonade, lemonade made with cheap any synthetic ingredients that is. So I take a sip. The taste isn't overpowering but definably isn't palatable. The more I drink the less interested I become with finishing the can. The taste never gets better, and becomes tiresome. So with about five or six sips I stop the review. Decent lemonade in a can is out there I'm sure, and U Force Energy Drink Lemonade definitely isn't it. Stay away if you can.

Final review: Do not buy! Folks Make a U-Turn when you see U Force Energy Drink Lemonade Flavor.


U Force Lemonade580.jpg