Waialua Soda Works Pineapple (Fan Review!)

Conundrum.  One definition the American Heritage Dictionary has for this word is "a problem admitting of no satisfactory solution."  Such a situation faced me in the narrow aisle of a local grocery store's gourmet soda section.  Waialua Soda Works Pineapple flavor presented itself to me not only as a product I haven't reviewed, but one that was on sale.  I have a cavernous dislike for the taste of pineapples, but a tremendous love for the other delectable flavors distributed by Waialua.  Problem identified.  Possible solution, buy pineapple soda and give a review come what may.  Even if I don't like this variety, I can still extol the exquisite taste of the wonderful other flavors. A possible solution has been found. 

Now in a relaxed state and with a cold bottle of Waialua Pineapple, I set out with extreme trepidation, to drink the only pineapple flavored beverage I have had in my entire adult life. 

The soda itself is a pale shade of yellow, very similar to the inside of a pineapple, and the faint smell is also similar to the smell of the aforementioned tropical fruit.  The ingredients are high quality like all Waialua Soda Works beverages.  So I take a sip, expecting an unfortunate taste. Delicious! No bad taste to be found here.  This actually tastes great! A delicate mixture of pineapple flavor and natural sugar have been combined with carbonated water to form a rather uncommon soda that neither offends nor over powers.  I finish the bottle to be sure I have taken a true measure of what I've drank, and yes this is in fact a pineapple flavored soda that is both tasty and different.  I can't believe it; I actually like a pineapple soda! (Just in case you’re wondering, I did not mix this with any booze.)

Final review:  Buy a bottle!  Folks the FDA suggests consuming a certain portion of fruit on a daily bases, might I suggest Waialua Soda Works Pineapple Flavor to fit that bill.  I don't think you'll be disappointed, just more healthy.


waialua pineapple580.jpg